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    Nothing beats a visit to the Satellite Center! Only on a visit can you experience a course in action and learn more about the skills required to Build A Better You. The Satellite Center will hold its annual Satellite Center Showcase/Open House in October. During this event, community members, future team members, and any other interested parties are invited to explore the Satellite Center, talk to present and past team members, and see the wonderful projects team members have completed in their courses.

    Are you looking for an experience that will prepare you for the skills needed for future careers and also provide you with connections and friends that will last a lifetime? That is what you will find at the Satellite Center, and we are excited that you want to become a team member. Every year, we welcome more than 600 students in grades 9 - 12 from Destrehan and Hahnville High School seeking a "unique" learning experience. In our unique environment, you will be part of a collaborative learning experience, participate in project-based learning and service learning while having the opportunity to network with industry professionals. 

    We invite you to explore the Satellite Center and sample our course offerings by coming to visit us in person to attend our open house. Once you see what we have to offer, you will understand why St. Charles Parish Public School System is recognized as a leader in the field of education and the role that the Satellite Center plays in this recognition.

    Explore Our Courses

    With 17 individual courses offered at our site, the Satellite Center is an impressive display of what St. Charles Parish high school students can accomplish. Team members can choose courses in the areas of Applied Science & Technology, Arts, AV Technology & Communication, Education & Human Development, Health Science, and Hospitality & Tourism.

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