Degrees and Certifications:

DEGREES BA Humanities, Fine Arts & History of Art University of Puerto Rico Landscape Architecture Summer Program Harvard University, Graduate School of Design Europeans Art Theory & History Internship University of Salamanca CERTIFICATIONS Teacher Certification Spanish K12 AP Spanish Language and Culture Certified AIM Teacher

Ms. Patricia Sanabria- Ibarra

Better known as "Maestra" by my wonderful students. I’m a dedicated "Second Language Acquisition Nerd" with a passion for advocating the inclusion of Spanish as a second language across all K–12 grades in the state and beyond. My goal is to establish meaningful connections with the Spanish language and culture, fostering a deep appreciation for multilingualism. Increasing my students' proficiency level from novice-low to novice-high and beyond at the end of the Spanish I course is my greatest joy! With over 7 years of experience as a second language teacher, I have honed my skills as an interdisciplinary and innovative leader, consistently striving to enhance learning both inside and outside the classroom.

I am committed to employing the most up-to-date research-based methodologies. Driven by the pursuit of excellence, I ensure that my language instruction remains grounded in the latest evidence-based approaches, guaranteeing the use of proven methodologies. As an educational leader, my focus is on fostering language acquisition and cultural understanding among students and peers, recognizing the transformative power of multilingualism in today's interconnected world.

The ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) is the national standard for teaching foreign languages, and all guidelines for what an effective language classroom looks like are followed. Students and the teacher speak, listen, read, write, view, and create in the target language 90% or more of the time during classroom time with comprehensible input, context, and interactions. Grammar is taught as a concept and used in context. 

Please refer to the class syllabus and parent welcome letter for specifics on policies, classroom requirements, etc.



  • FALL 2023

    7:20- 8:50      Period 1 Planning Time 

    8:55- 10:25    Period 2 Spanish I

    10:30- 12:00  Period 3 Spanish I

    12:00- 12:35  Lunch 

    12:40- 2:10    Period 4 Spanish I


    SPRING 2024

    7:20- 8:50      Period 1 Spanish I  

    8:55- 10:25    Period 2 Planning Time 

    10:30- 12:00  Period 3 Spanish I

    12:00- 12:35  Lunch 

    12:40- 2:10    Period 4 Spanish I