About Our School

  • Mission And Vision 




    All stakeholders at R. J. Vial Elementary School hold education as a top priority and are committed to engaging students in rigorous and relevant learning opportunities. Our school community shares the responsibility of working collaboratively to equip students with knowledge and skills to become effective communicators and enthusiastic, college and career ready, life-long learners. A school-wide passion for teaching and learning is fostered through a sense of belonging, honesty, respect, and personal responsibility.



    The mission of R. J. Vial Elementary School is to provide high quality educational opportunities to enable our students to become responsible, productive citizens and enthusiastic life-long learners.





    1. All stakeholders hold education as the top priority.
    2. All stakeholders hold high expectations that increase academic achievement.
    3. Open, honest, and respectful interactions empower all stakeholders to become caring and responsible citizens.
    4. Involved stakeholders increase student engagement and inspire students to become life-long learners.
    5. Students and staff members meet high expectations for achievement and success by engaging in rigorous and relevant work.
    6. Effective collaboration among teachers provides high quality instruction that allows students and teachers to achieve at greater levels.
    7. Challenging instruction accommodates individual differences, promotes student confidence, and fosters increased student achievement through inclusive practices.


    Richard John Vial, Sr
    Born: May 18, 1883
    Died: August 29, 1960 at age 77

    Mr. Vial was the son of Louise A. Vial and Louise Bossier Vial, and husband of Josephine Hymel Vial. He was a life long resident of St. Charles Parish. Mr. Vial began his service to the school system on December 7, 1920, and served until his death on August 29, 1960. As the Ward II Representative on the school board, he was elected president on January 6, 1931. On January 3, 1933, he was elected vice-president. On March 6, 1940, he was again elected president and continued as president until his death on August 29, 1960.

    During his 29 years on the school board, many major buildings were built including Hahnville High School and Destrehan High School. He had nine children - 7 boys and 2 girls. He was the father of R.J. Vial, Jr.


    Richard John Vial, Jr
    Born: July 21, 1908
    Died: January 13, 1973

    Mr. Vial was the son of Richard J. Vial, Sr. and Josephia Hymel Vial. He graduated from Hahnville High School and LSU. He began teaching at Hahnville High School in 1929 and was appointed assistant principal in 1934. He was the band director of four bands and played a major role in the development of music in the schools. He took the band to its first trip outside the parish to Lutcher for the Cypress Football Bowl. He was also the first to take the band to the state festival where they won many awards. In 1938 he formed the St. Charles Parish Teachers Association and served as its first president.

    On September 2, 1941, he was called to serve in World War II for the Army. His wife Ethel Guidry Vial, also a teacher at Luling Elementary, gave birth to their only child, Patsye Ann Vial on April 23, 1942. On this day he left for active duty in the Philippines located in the southwest Pacific.

    After J.B. Martin’s resignation, the school board sent Mr. Vial a letter requesting him to serve as superintendent. He accepted while still in the Army. A.A. Songy was appointed acting superintendent until his return. The school board requested his quick release from the Army. Mr. Vial returned on October 9, 1945, and began serving his post earning $5,280 a year.

    Mr. Vial continued to serve as superintendent until his death six months before his scheduled retirement.