About Our School

  • Mission

    Norco Elementary School provides high quality education in a safe, nurturing environment with a variety of learning opportunities that lay the foundation for all students to become successful, productive, life-long learners.


    We, the stakeholders of Norco Elementary School, foster relationships that allow us to effectively communicate and collaborate with each other in order to provide a safe, nurturing, and positive learning experience. We create a challenging learning environment that encourages success through appropriate differentiated instruction for individual differences and learning styles. Our school sets high social and academic standards which allow students to acquire the skills necessary to be life-long learners and problem solvers in the evolving twenty-first century.

    Beliefs of Norco Elementary School

    At Norco Elementary we are committed to:

    Planning, implementing, and reflecting collaboratively on lessons which prepare students for life-long learning.
    Analyzing student data to meet and support the individual needs of students.
    Implementing Responsive Classroom in all settings.
    Providing a safe, nurturing, bully free environment for all stakeholders.
    Teaching students to use and apply various problem solving techniques.
    Involving all stakeholders in the educational process.
    Differentiating instruction in every setting to support all learners.