Principal's Message

  • At R. J. Vial Elementary School, we provide high quality educational opportunities for our students. These opportunities provide the rigor and relevance our students need to be successful in the 21st century. I am honored to lead such a wonderful learning organization in this endeavor. Teachers engage in collaborative planning sessions to develop lessons and activities to promote student thinking. Our faculty and staff hold high expectations for our students and engage them in meaningful lessons. Challenging instruction allows students to develop a deeper understanding of the content and to think critically. The school culture and classroom environment are supportive, caring, and respectful which, in turn, foster student learning. Learning is also fostered through purposeful differentiation and appropriate accommodations when necessary. The social curriculum is just as important as the academic curriculum and is taught through cooperation, assertion, respect, empathy, and self-control.

    All of this is done through preservation of the teacher's right to teach and the student's right to learn and is aligned to the Code of Conduct. The combined effects of the dynamic organizational structures, engaging instructional practices, and stakeholder commitment prove that our community holds education as its top priority.

    Angelle Babin,


  • Angelle Babin

    Angelle Babin - Principal