Need Help Finding eBooks and/or Audiobooks?

  • Hi All,

    I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to let all of our students and families know how to access some ebooks and/or audiobooks.  We now have a few options available.  Mackin is giving us free access to many middle school ebooks through December 2020 (some are through September).  If you would like to take advantage of this free time and enjoy some reading, please try some of these that they have so generously provided.  They have recently added 1000s of ebooks (as of 4/6/2020). You can also find ebooks through our J.B. Martin catalog and the public library.  Directions to find these tools are on this page.  I will continue to update you all as I become aware of new ways to access books online.

    Ways to Access eBooks:

    Go to:

    For school enter: J.B. Martin                                                                               

    Username:  jbmartin

    password: cougars


     Another way to access ebooks:   

    Go to our JB Martin Homepage

     Under For Students

          Choose:  Library  

          Choose: Catalog (on the left)                                                     

          Choose: Destiny Discover (in the left hand column)

           Scroll down a bit until you see eBooks - you can then select SEE ALL on the right hand side.


     More eBooks and Audiobooks Available:

     The Public Library is offering a Temporary Online Library Card Number for students and families to use to sign into the Overdrive APP on your phone.  I've been using Overdrive for a long time on my phone to access and checkout ebooks and audiobooks from the library.  It's really easy and they will have lots of books available.  I was also able to connect it to my Kindle account and when I check books out, I can request that it syncs the book to my kindle device.  The following link will bring you to their homepage where you can request an online card number and sign up for the Cabin Fever Reading Challenge.

    Link:  Temporary Online Library Card and Cabin Fever Reading Challenge  


    JLG Offering Free Access:  Username and password must be in all CAPS.

      JLG Digital Home:

      Middle School -  Username: JLGMID  Password:  JLGFREE     



    I miss all of my readers and look forward to getting to see all of you when we return.


    If you need help, email me using my school email address:      I'll see what I can do to help.


    Mrs. Phelan











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