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    E- Learning Fun Activities Link- 5/11/2020

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    Check out Ms. Whittaker's Monarch Caterpillars

    The Butterflies Emerged!!

    Butterflies   Butterflies

     Monarch Caterpillar   Found on Butterfly Weed   Munch Munch    

     Ready to spin chrysallis         Chrysallis






    READ *****Access EBooks through the Library Catalog*****

         1.Go to www.stcharles.k12.la.us/strose

         2.  Click students then library

         3. Click Library Catalog

        4. Type in search box:  Lightbox

        5.  Choose the book you would like to open

          Username:   sre              Password :  dragons


         Access Free MackinVIA EBooks

            Go to mackinVIA.com

            Type:  School Name:  St. Rose Elementary

            Username:   strose

            Password:  dragons


           Access online sites from the library page. 

           Go to online resources  and click the online link you would like.

           Worldbook Online:   sre           dragons

           Pebble Go:   stre      dragons



    ***CLick on Librarian on this page then Claire Whittaker to get  information on accesseing digital books.


    Come Check Us Out

    Fantasy, Reality, Any Book You Might Need

    Come Find The Magic



       The mission of the school library media center is to 

    •  foster the love of reading
    •  ensure that all members of the learning community are engaged and effective users of information and technology 
    •  support the school curriculum




  • Lynette Benedic