J.B. Martin Bands
  • J.B. Martin Band Vision

    J.B. Martin band students will demonstrate J.B. Martin's Core Values daily by
    exercising P.A.W.S.:- perseverance, acceptance, work ethic, and safety. By
    showing these values, our band students will become the best musicians they
    can be and the best young person they can be.

    J.B. Martin Band Guiding Principles

    The J.B. Martin Instrumental Music Department believes:

    Everything is Possible: Dream big, embrace creativity, and expect results

    Passion First: Pursue authentic talents and deepest interests

    We Are Connected: Explore teamwork and learn to empower one another

    100% Accountable: Choose to be responsible for our own happiness and understand how we affect the group's success.

    Attitude of Gratitude: Seek positives from every experience and be thankful for all you have

    Live to Give: Inspire and serve others while maximizing your potential

    The Time is Now: Harness the power of this moment, and take purposeful action today