• Hello and welcome to R. K. Smith Middle School in Luling where our students, faculty and staff are motivated and excited about learning for life!

    Here at Smith we set high expectations for students, faculty and staff that will enable our students to function with success academically in the classroom, as well as socially in society. A high level of character and integrity is expected from all students, faculty and staff.

    We are a team of reflective decision-makers and change agents who value serving our community and transforming students’ lives, motivating them to reach their highest potential.

    In addition, our faculty, staff and students are innovative seekers of excellence. We work together to implement effective teaching practices that are engaging and applicable for our students in the classroom and beyond.

    Our teachers use cooperative groups, accountable talk and hands-on instruction that is relevant to daily living to further enhance student learning. Our students are expected to use higher-order thinking skills, hands-on activities and problem solving skills in order to survive in the real world.

    Everyone has a job to do at R.K. Smith Middle School, from faculty and staff, to students and parents, to administrators and community stakeholders. As we all continue to pull together, our goal of ever increasing excellence will be met with success.

    Harold Blood


  • Harold Blood
    Harold Blood - Principal