General Registration

  • To meet school registration requirements the parent/guardian must provide the following documents for each child to the designated school registration personnel:

    1. Proof of Custody (if child is not living with both biological parents)

    • The custody document must be signed by a judge and have a court seal.
    • The document must name the applicant as the physical, custodial, or domiciliary parent

    2. Immunization Record

    3. Birth Certificate

    4. Social Security Card

    5. Last Report Card

    6. Proof of Residence - must provide two current utility bills, or if renting, a copy of the lease with all children listed as occupants, and one current utility bill

    • Electric, gas, and water bills only (These bills must include your name and physical address.)

    For more information, call the school or the School Board Office at (985) 785-6289.