Mission and Vision

  • Our Mission:

    Allemands Elementary School is committed to building the foundation of life-long learning for all students in a safe, respectful environment.

    Our Vision:

    The faculty of Allemands Elementary School embraces the education of all students as a top priority by providing a positive foundation for success to prepare students to meet the challenges within the changing society of the 21st century. There is a commitment from stakeholders to help all students to become college and career ready creating life-long learners. Our school provides a safe, stimulating atmosphere that is created through respect for self, others, and our environment. Actively engaged students aspire to reach their full potential, reflecting the high expectations among our faculty, family, and community.

    Our Values/Beliefs

    - A physically and psychologically safe environment is essential to promote student learning.

    - A student's self-esteem is enhanced by positive relationships and mutual respect among peers, families, community members and school personnel.

    - All students and staff learn best by engaging in challenging and relevant work.

    - All children can learn at higher levels when supported daily by a variety of instructional techniques and resources within their school, family and community.

    - Student achievement increases when effective teachers deliver high quality lessons.

    - Excellence is worth the cost.