2022-2023 Attendance Requirements

  • St. Charles Parish Public Schools would like to remind parents how important it is for their child to attend school each and every day.

    • High school students shall be in attendance a minimum of 83.5 days, or the equivalent, in each course.
    • High School students who accrue more than 5 absences in a whole credit course and/or more than 2.5 absences in a 1/2 credit course will not be eligible to earn Carnegie credit for the course. Extenuating circumstances may apply.
    • Elementary and middle school students shall be in attendance a minimum of 167 days of the school year. Students may be absent ONLY 10 days.
    • Elementary and middle school students who accrue more than 10 absences will not be eligible for promotion. Extenuating circumstances may apply

    If a student exceeds the maximum allowable absences, the following
    Extenuating Circumstances may apply:

    • Absences as verified by a licensed physician, dentist or licensed nurse practitioner.
    • Observance of special and recognized holidays of the student’s own faith (note from clergy).
    • Death in the immediate family (not to exceed one week).
    • Natural catastrophe and/or disaster.
    • Absence (not to exceed 5 days per school year) to visit with his/her parent/legal guardian who is a member of the United States Armed Forcesor the National Guard of a state and has been called to duty for or is on leave from overseas deployment to a combat zone or combat support posting. Documentation of such deployment or leave is required.
    • Prior principal approved travel for education (not to exceed 5 days per school year). Parent/legal guardian must meet with the principal to obtain an Educational Travel Packet. All educational travel must be approved by the principal prior to travel.

    For more information, please refer to the Student Code of Conduct: District Handbook.