Federal Programs

  • The Title I program first began in 1965, to improve the quality of education in the United States. Most recently, this act was amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act. The Title I program provides funds to help educate identified students in schools with a high concentration of children from low-income families. The program incorporates various components, which include an early childhood program for four-year-old students, Literacy & mCLASS Intervention for Title I students in grades K-2, a math intervention program for middle school Title I students, services for homeless students, and family engagement activities.

    Title II funds are designated for the professional development of teachers and administrators throughout the district. Other Title II funded activities include assisting teachers and paraprofessionals to become highly qualified and reducing class sizes in primary schools.

    The Title III program provides support for intensive English language instruction to children whose native language is not English. Title III partners with the district to provide an additional English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher and instructional materials for ESL classrooms.

    Other federal programs in the district include IDEA and Head Start.  IDEA provides educational services to eligible students based on the student’s IEP.  Visit the Special Education section of this website for more information about IDEA.  Head Start provides educational services to eligible three and four-year-old children.  More information about Head Start can be found at the Head Start section of this website.