Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Satellite Center geared for Vocational Education or College Prep students?

    To succeed in the modern world, young adults need both knowledge and skills in a work environment. This need is driven not only by workforce demands for high-performance employees who can plan, collaborate, apply what they know, communicate, negotiate, explore, interpret, and create, but also by the need to help all young people earn civic responsibility and master their new role as global citizens. In response to these needs, we ensure team members leave the Satellite Center with both the knowledge and skills needed for future success.

    Are team members still a part of DHS or HHS if they attend the Satellite Center?

    Yes. At the Satellite Center, team members:

      • Attend classes at DHS or HHS for half of the day and the Satellite Center the other half of the day
      • Participate in all late take-in days with other students at their base school
      • Participate in pep rallies and special events at their base school
      • Are allowed to participate in ALL sports, activities, and clubs at their base school
      • Receive daily announcements from their base school
      • Receive priority parking passes at their base school
      • Are allowed to use their laptops at their base school (if allowed by teacher at base school)
      • Can use Satellite Center facilitators as resources for their senior projects (must be verified with course facilitator)
      • Wear their DHS or HHS school uniform

    How are community members and parents involved with the Satellite Center?

    All community members (parents included) are a welcome addition to any project that team members are working on, and the Satellite Center is continuously trying to expand their involvement. Some examples include:

      • Act as members of judging panels for project-related products or presentations
      • Audience members for project-related presentations
      • Cafe Day patrons
      • Field experience opportunities

    How do team members travel to and from the Satellite Center?

    All team members have the option of either driving their personal vehicles to the Satellite Center (if they have high school parking privileges) or ride a school bus to and from their base school.

    Where do team members eat breakfast and/or lunch?

    Breakfast and lunch are offered daily at the Satellite Center (not available at the LPAC) from our food and drink station located in the rotunda. Team members also have the option to purchase their meals at their base high school (DHS or HHS) during regular breakfast and lunchtimes. In addition, team members always have the option of bringing their own lunch to the Satellite Center and eating in the rotunda before class begins.

    How can students receive more information about the Satellite Center?

    Students can:

      • Utilize the Satellite Center website
      • Contact the Career Development Coordinator at their base high school:
        • Destrehan High School: Stephanie Ward (School to Career Office)
        • Hahnville High School: Hope Barnhill (School to Career Office)
      • Contact their high school counselor
      • E-mail a facilitator for more information about a specific course (click here to visit the staff directory)