The Satellite Center Culture


    The Satellite Center is a curricular and cultural educational environment that is supported and reinforced by a set of technology tools that includes the following quality criteria:



    The curriculum is project- and problem-based learning that focuses on content standards and specific, articulated academic, workspace and citizenship skills.


    Team members and other Satellite Center staff feel known and respected in an environment that promotes professional relationships based on trust and responsibility. Team members and staff take ownership and pride in the Satellite Center and work together to solve problems. The facility contributes to the establishment of a positive culture. The Satellite Center encourages communication, collaboration, contribution and staff commitment.


    The Satellite Center is fully networked with state-of-the-art technology and is well supported, maintaining a 1:1 team member/computer ratio. Technology plays a significant role in supporting and reinforcing the curricular model.


    The Satellite Center is strongly interested in forming relationships with local businesses, educational institutions, and community groups that support the Center with their involvement and participation in the curriculum.