How Did We Begin?

  • The dream of the Satellite Center was made possible in 2001, when a $28 Million bond issue was approved by the voters of St. Charles Parish for school improvements. The Satellite Center focuses on career paths that are projected to expand the most over the next decade. The concept of this center arose from the numerous meetings, focus groups and site visits to progressive school districts across the nation. Local business owners, community leaders, educators, representatives from Fortune 500 companies and expert advisors focused on one goal - to build a learning center that prepares team members for the real world.

    Strategically located between Hahnville High and Destrehan High, the Satellite Center offers either morning or afternoon sessions to qualifying students. The high cost of technology and the focus on maintaining the most progressive environment possible was key in building a free-standing facility.

    While attending the Satellite Center, team members learn how to use tools vital to workplace productivity. They have access to state-of-the-art labs and equipment. Team members interact with other departments to accomplish their goals. They experience a multi-tasking, technology driven world, like the one in which they will live and work.