Courses At The Satellite Center

  • Air Conditioning/Refrigeration I  (River Parish Community College, St. Charles Parish):
    This is the introductory course for the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technical Diploma program at River Parish Community College.  The course is designed to provide the information needed to prepare individuals to enter the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry. It includes basic safety and health, inventory control, stock management, vehicle maintenance, licensure, certification requirements, and basic business management practices.   Students are also introduced to the basic components of air conditioning and refrigeration.

    PREREQUISITE: NCCER Core          Grade Level: 11 or 12         Credit:  1       Fee: None

  • Culinary Arts:
    The Culinary Arts work center, using the National Restaurant Association's ProStart curriculum, professional consultants, and a modern commercial kitchen, immerses team members in real-world foodservice experience by catering banquets and parties for interested community members.

    Prerequisite: No prerequisites or course requirements

    Possible Careers: Chef, Restaurant Manager, Caterer, Restaurant owner, Dietician/nutritionist

  • Educators Rising & Ed Rising Internship

    Educators Rising 1:
    Educators Rising (formally STAR) is designed for students interested in exploring the field of education. Instruction is provided through hands-on service learning projects using the Educators Rising curriculum. Students will learn the foundations of education, observe teaching (Kindergarten - 12th grade and Special Education), and practice teaching skills. Successful completion of the course gives students dual-enrolled college credit. The Educators Rising course is combined with Speech III for students to develop public speaking skills needed for teaching. 

    PREREQUISITE:  There are no course requirements prior to enrolling in the Educators Rising (STAR)  course.  

    Grade level:  10-12                       Credit: 1                                 Fee:  (None)


    Educators Rising-Teaching Internship:
    The Teaching Internship provides students the opportunity to practice skills developed in the Educators Rising course through direct hands-on experiences in a classroom. Students work with a mentor teacher throughout the semester observing the class, working with small student groups, and teaching a full lesson to the class.  Along with the internship, students will complete performance-based assessments to showcase their skills. Earning Microcredentials through the Educators Rising Curriculum. 


    PREREQUISITE:  Educators Rising                       Grade level:  11-12                    Credit:  1       Fee:  (None)


  • Engineering Design:

    Engineering Design is intended to introduce team members to the field of engineering and engineering design. This course provides an overview of engineering principles and practices that are emphasized through hands-on experiences in a wide range of engineering technologies using industrial quality equipment and software. Physics is also taken in this course.

    Prerequisite: Advanced Math and offered to seniors only

    Possible Careers: Architectural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Mechanical Engineer

  • Health Career Exploration:
    Health Career Exploration is a Hands-on approach to exploring different career options in the health field and the skills that go along with different careers.

    Prerequisite: No prerequisites or course requirements

    Possible Careers: Athletic Trainer, Dental Hygienist, Dietician, Geriatric Aide, Home Health Care, LPN, Music Therapist, Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Optometrist, Paramedic, Pharmacist, Physician, Therapist, Physician, Radiologic Technologist, Recreational Therapist, Respiratory Therapy, Social Worker, Surgical Technician, Veterinarian

  • Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism (HRT) Administration:
    The HRT Administration course celebrates the joie de vivre of New Orleans and explores the local culture of Southeast Louisiana while allowing team members to experience firsthand the exciting careers that can be found in the hospitality and tourism industry. This course lays the foundation to be successful in general business administration.

    Prerequisite: Complete an HRT Application, letter of recommendation from a high school teacher or extracurricular club sponsor.

    Possible Careers: Event Planning, Hotel Management, Marketing and Sales, Convention Services, Destination Management, Tour Guide, Travel Agent

  • Instrumentation:
    This is the first of two courses designed to introduce students to becoming Instrumentation Technicians. They maintain the equipment that controls the automation in industrial plants and factories. This course is designed to prepare students to perform key installation and maintenance functions across several industries in the field of instrumentation. Students will learn important processes and knowledge areas including hand tools, electrical safety, power tools, electrical systems, metallurgy, and fasteners. Students will also earn important processes and knowledge areas including instrument drawings and documents, gaskets, and packing, lubricant, sealants and cleaners, flow, pressure, level and temperature, tubing, piping, and hoses.

    Prerequisite: General Technology Core credential  Grade level: 11-12  Credit: 1.5  Fee (None)

  • Medical Assistant I and II:

    MEDICAL ASSISTANT I: This course is designed to provide classroom and clinical experiences in health care facilities for those interested in pursuing a career as a Medical Assistant.  The course provides an introduction to medical terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, office-based skills, patient assessment, and phlebotomy, in addition to class-based lab experiences.

    PREREQUISITES:  Must pass a clear background check, 16 years of age, pass drug tests, up-to-date immunizations Grade level:  12    Credits:  1               Fee: Must have Teacher Approved Scrub Pants and White Jacket, as well as Closed Toe Shoes


    MEDICAL ASSISTANT II: Upon completion of Medical Assistant I, this course is designed to provide classroom and clinical experiences in health care facilities for those interested in pursuing a career as a Medical Assistant. The course provides basic nursing skills which include safety and emergency procedures, restorative services, personal care, Heimlich Maneuver, resident’s rights/independence, communication and interpersonal skills, basic nursing services, mental health and social service needs. Through this course, students will be working with patients for a total of 40 hours and will be completed during the class time and passing the Certified Medical Assistant Exam (CCMA) they will be a Certified Medical Assistant.

    PREREQUISITES: Medical Assistant I  Grade level:  12         Credits:  2                         Fee: See Medical Assistant I

  • NCCER Industrial Scaffolding, Insulation, and Coating:  
    This is the first of two courses designed to introduce students to the scaffolding, insulating, and industrial coatings industry.  The first part of the course focuses on stationary, mobile, and suspension scaffolds, as well as the tools and equipment used in this industry. Students also learn best practices for safety on the job site and any mathematical applications that will be used on the job.  The focus of the course then transitions to industrial insulating including the characteristics, applications, and installation of all types of pipe insulation. The course content is organized into modules with written and performance assessments designed by NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research), and students will be required to successfully complete seven modules toward NCCER Scaffolding Level 1 certification and seven modules toward NCCER Insulating Level 1. 

    After successful completion of the seven NCCER Insulating Level 1 modules, the course focuses on NCCER's Industrial Coatings and Applications Specialist course that was developed in partnership with NACE (the National Association of Corrosion Engineers) International to deliver a comprehensive training and certification program. This course covers topics such as Surface Preparation, Corrosion Protection, and Containment.

    Prerequisite:  NCCER Core.    Grade level: 12    Credit: 1    Fee: (None)

  • Patient Care:
    Patient Care develops knowledge, skills, and critical thinking of future patient care providers through practical experiences including certification as a First Responder.

    Prerequisite: No prerequisites or course requirements

    Possible Careers: Doctor, Nurse, EMT, Ultrasound Technologist, Respiratory Therapist

  • Process Technology (PTEC):
    PTEC prepares team members for the duties and responsibilities of monitoring and controlling process variables and all equipment involved in the process industries. Team members are informed on all aspects of how safety is maintained in the process industries such as types of hazards and their effects, personal protection equipment, emergency response, and government regulations.

    Prerequisite: Offered to seniors only; should have taken or currently enrolled in Chemistry I, Physics, Physics of Technology, or have a recommendation from a science teacher

    Possible Careers: Process Operator, Process Technician