Interactive Media

  • Interactive Media I (Media Arts):

    This newly redesigned personalized, project-based course allows students to explore their creative side while also following their own passions. After exploring multiple areas of the digital arts world with a focus in Adobe Photoshop, each student will be allowed to create an individual plan for completion of student-led projects that are tailored to their interests. Some examples of possible creative projects that students could create are: motion graphics, stop action animation, interactive animation, digital art installations, digital painting, augmented reality design, mobile apps, client based web design, podcasts, social media marketing, studio photography, photojournalism, mobile photography, photo manipulation, character/background design for animation or video games mobile gaming, interactive art displays, animated gifs, 3D design for augmented reality, or any other creative project that a student finds in their research.

    Each student will also have the opportunity to connect with other high school and college digital arts students and departments, as well as industry professionals. Students will be given the ability to facilitate meetings, serve as team leaders, manage project timelines and produce professional products. In addition, each student will examine possible careers in the digital arts field and create a personal portfolio to use as they pursue their goals. 

    This course is a Satellite Center course and is taught at the Dr. Rodney Lafon Performing Arts Center.

    PREREQUISITE: (one of the following) Art I or above, Talented Art, Digital Graphics, Web Mastering I/II, Drafting, Digital Media, Technical Theatre, Advanced TV Broadcasting, or Satellite Center instructor recommendation (would also require meeting and/or portfolio review) .
    Grade level:   11-12    Credit:  2          Fee:  (None)

    PATHWAY: Arts, A/V Technology & Communication, Business Management - - Information Technology - Pre-Educator


    Interactive Media II (Media Arts II):

    This internship course is an opportunity for a student to spend time with one or more employees at a business, non-profit organization, or government agency. The goal of the Internship program is to increase the student’s knowledge of workplace skills and receive on-the-job experience. By being at the work site, students will also gain an understanding of the internship site’s work, mission, and audience, and the organization’s position in the broader industry or field. The internship experience is selected based on the student’s chosen career cluster/pathway. In addition, this course enables the instructor to communicate to students what skills and knowledge are necessary to enter certain careers. 

    PREREQUISITE: Internship Application and have taken one of the following courses -  Interactive Media I, Digital Media I, Advanced TV Broadcasting I, and Operation Spark.
    Grade level:   12            Credit:  2                    Fee:  (None)

    PATHWAY: Arts, A/V Technology & Communication, Business Management - - Information Technology

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