How We Help Build A Better You

  • Providing you with opportunities that are beyond the classroom such as:

    • Field experiences
    • Working with the community and businesses
    • Working with highly advanced technology and equipment

    Letting you make your own experience because:

    • The Satellite Center is what team members make of it
    • Team members discover on their own about the different aspects of their fields
    • The Satellite Center uses project-based learning

    Enabling you to build skills for the real-world by:

    • Preparing team members for careers
    • Enabling team member to gain business skills such as communication, teamwork, work ethic, and professionalism that can be applied across the board in any field

    Providing an environment where you will:

    • Gain industry-recognized certification, earn college credit, and participate in internships
    • Work with facilitators who are industry professionals
    • Build upon the core skills learned in high school with an applied industry-based educational model which helps prepare team members for entry level jobs and post secondary education
    • Learn and work in an environment which fosters professional relationships, communication, team work, real life problem solving skills, ownership, and responsibility
    • Work with industry-based technology relevant to the workcenters