Bus Routes

  • Below is a list of bus routes for Luling Elementary School.

    School Bus Number Bus Driver Area Served Streets Pickup Time Drop Off Time
    LES 475 Demona Harrison Ama 10016-10598 River Road from Jefferson Parish Line up to and including Michael St, Alice St, PM Ln, Bunge Dr, Bernard Ave, Ellen St, Griffin Dr, Poche Ln, Wilfred Dr, Palmer Ln, Triche St, Vidal St, St. Joe 7:05am 3:10pm
    LES 459 Iris Clark Ama Triche St, Vidal St, Kennedy St, Zeller St, St. Marks Ave, Hirsh St, Bennets Pl, Ben St, Lemoine Ln, Vernons Ln, Crooked R Ln, Agnes Ln, Roberts St, Johnson St, Beck St, Belsome St, Anna St, Sings Ln, 10600-11023 River Rd starting at but NOT INCLUDING Warren Dr to Triche St. 7:19am 3:17pm
    LES 6 Dionne Varmall Luling River Road from Sugarhouse Rd up to and including Warren Dr, Davis Dr, Celia Dr, Barton Ave from River Rd to the first set of railroad tracks, Lonestar, Louis the First, Willard St, Megan St, Cross St, Badalamenti St, Queen Rd, Martin St, Lawrence Dr, Roland Ct, Ford Ln, Rocks Ln, Loupe St, Weber Ln, Dee's Ln, Sugarhouse Rd, Manor Dr 7:15am
    LES 120 Nichole Hensley Hahnville Champagne Trailer Park, River Park Apts, River Park Dr, Nicholas St, Benoit Ln, St. Charles St, Gourgues 7:15am 3:16pm
    LES 442 Terri Darensbourg Hahnville Sunset Court, Sycamore St from Hahn to Hwy 3160, Smith St, Byrd Ln, River Rd - Hahnville, Hahn St 7:20am 3:23pm
    LES 122 Catherine Tucker Hahnville Avalon Subdvision, Kaylee Dr, Meredith Pl, John Rd, Fashion Blvd (Phase 1 off River Rd), Lowe St, Plantation Dr, Duhe Dr, Avalon to Keller St, 14917 River Rd, Keller, Trailsway, Pioneer, Matis Trailer Park, 14436-15124 River Road from Avalon Dr to Keller St 7:20am 3:25pm
    LES 113 Paige Raymond Hahnville Aquarius St, Acorn St, Shaw St, Julia St, 15500-15701 River Rd From Hahn St to Elm St, Lincoln St, Pecan St, Gum St, King St, Oak St, Pine St, ,Maple St, Ash St, Hickory St, Sycamore from Hahn to Oak 7:05am
    LES 456 Cherlynn Peters Hahnville Courthouse Ln, Richard Ln, Little Acorn Day Care, Fashion Plantation Phase II (off of 3127: Union, General Taylor, S Fashion Blvd, General Lee), 15126-15399 River Rd from 3160 up to and including Bethlehem St, Sanders Ln, Settlers Dr. 7:12am 3:25am
    LES 455 Ralph Jones Killona 100-500 blocks of Killona Drive, 100 block of Railroad, 18142 River Road (Apartments) 7:05am 3:21pm
    LES 419 Kanisha Paul Killona Hymelia Trailer Park and all of Post Street, 100-400 blocks of Adams St, River Road from Hymelia Trailer Park to Post St. 7:29am
    LES 1 Latasha Hawkins Killona 600-800 blocks of Killona Drive and 500-600 blocks of Adams St, 200 block of Railroad Street, all of School House Road and Short Street 7:25am
    LES 124 Erica Vandenborre Luling Ashton Plantation Subdivision (all streets), Noah's Arc II Day Care, Ashton Rd, Evangeline St, Mongrue St, St. Charles Blvd, Bradwall St, 100 block of Gassen St, Lussan Ln, Luling Ave, 100-300 blocks of Ristroph St, Antoine Ln, School St 7:05am 3:18pm
    LES 448 Roy Boyd Luling Sellers Ave, Milling Ave (including the Apts), Ellington St, Court St, Post St, Grace Kids Day Care on Post St, Courville St, Collier Dr, Talbot Dr, 1st St, 2nd St, 3rd St, 4th St. 7:20am 3:02pm
    LES 140 Lynnette Celestine Luling 500-1100 block of Paul Fredrick from Hackberry to Brooklyn, 100-300 Brooklyn, 400 block of Ristroff 7:30am
    LES 49 Carolyn Shine Luling Kinler St, Hackberry, North Oak St, David Ct, Steven Dr, Alicia Ct, 600-1600 Paul Maillard Rd, students in the 400 block of Brooklyn St walk to the corner of Brooklyn @ Kinler St. 7:10am 3:05pm
    LES 45 Johnathan Viveros Luling 1200 thru 1500 blocks of Paul Fredrick (from the Canal to Hackberry)
    LES 57 Joycelynn Ballard Luling 400-500 Blocks of Paul Maillard Rd (starting at Easy St & ending at 3rd St.),Easy St, Luling Estates Dr, 200-1123 Blocks of Gassen St, Borne Ln, Hackberry St, Allie Ln, Ashton Oaks, Positive Steps Daycare 7:25am 3:05pm