Bus Routes

  • Below is a list of bus routes for Mimosa Park Elementary School.

    School Bus Number Bus Driver Area Served Streets Pickup Time Drop Off Time
    MPE 475 Demona Harrison Boutte Boutte Projects, Boutte Estates Dr, Tinney St, Turner St, 100-200 block of S. Kinler St 8:00 AM
    MPE 129 Cheryl Dufrene Boutte Trailer Park before Walgreens on Hwy 90, Blueberry Hill Dr, Paul Maillard Rd from Hwy 90 up to the canal, Bailey St, Alexander St, Ponderosa St, 201-500 blocks of S Kinler, Goodchildren St, Park Ave 8:05 AM
    MPE 424 Ralph Young Boutte Pine St, Lilly St, Magnolia Ave, Acorn St, Sharon Ave, Maple St, Evans St, Magnolia Ridge Rd (left side, odd number addresses), Coleman Ln, Fir St, Hickory St, Spruce St, Williams St, Ash St 7:59 AM
    MPE 57 Joycelynn Ballard Boutte Woodland Dr, River Ridge Dr, Faith Place, Schmill St, Breaux St, Melonie St, 300 Block of Acorn St
    MPE 49 Carolyn Shine Willowdale E Levert Dr, W Levert Dr, Arlington Dr, Cottage Dr, Patricia Ct, Albania Dr, Asphodel Dr, Bocage Dr, Ashland Dr, Zee Ann Dr, Weinning Dr, Cathy Dr, Michael Dr, Palmer Dr E. Heather from Beaupre Dr to Willowdale 7:45 AM
    MPE 416 Shawanda Custard Willowridge 300-604 Willowdale Blvd from E. Heather Dr up to and including Augusta Dr, Dogwood Dr, Roseland Dr, Choctaw Dr, Wisteria Ln, Live Oak Dr, Cypress Dr, Lafayette Dr, Refuge Dr, Tupelo Dr, Willowridge Dr 8:05 AM
    MPE 425 Stacey Williams Willowdale E. Heather Dr from Lakewood to Beaupre Azalea Ct, Magnolia Ct, Savanna Dr, Laurel Ct, Elderberry Dr, Barrett Dr, Browning Dr, Bethany Dr, Hawthorne Dr. 8:00 AM
    MPE 451 Calandra Carter Mimosa St Anthony St, Wanda St, Mimosa Ave, Wade St, Perryl Ln, Mimi's Day Care on Wade St. 400-600 blocks of West Heather Dr, 300-625 blocks of St. Maria, 300-500 blocks of Primrose 8:05 AM
    MPE 6 Dionne Varmall Luling Purple Martin Ln, Davis Dr, Evelyn Dr, Nola St, Palm Pl, Walnut Pl, Elm Pl, Chestnut Pl, Bernice Dr, Rex St, Marcia St, Barton Ave from 1st set of tracks to Hwy 90 7:58 AM
    MPE 448 Roy Boyd Luling 300-350 Block of Lakewood Drive, Lance Lane Apartments, Ivy Court, Lake Catherine Dr, Lake Carolyn Dr. Birch Street
    MPE 426 Karen White Mimosa All of St. Nicholas St, St. John St, West Heather Dr from Lakewood to St. Nicholas St, 100-200 blocks of St. Maria St, Laguatutta Dr, Terri Dr, Sheila Ct, Christina Ct, Lori Ct, Debra Ct, Catherine Dr, Diane Dr, 100-200 blocks of Primrose 8:05 AM
    MPE 125 Roshanda Jones Lakewood Lakewood Dr from Lakewood Apts to West Heather Dr including the following streets: Apple Ct, Camelia Ct, Evergreen Ct, Flowerwood Ct, Gardenia Ct, Angels Amoung Us Day Care
    MPE 409 Melissa Pauley Lakewood 400-600 Block of Lakewood Dr, Allison Dr, Braden Dr, North Lake Dr, South Lake Dr, Lakewood Ridge Dr, Debbie Ct, Rusty Dr, Gregory Dr, Lakewood Drive South
    MPE 423 Marty Pizzatola Mimosa Maryland Dr, Kellogg Dr, Blouin Ln, Fern Dr, Monsanto Ave, River Oaks Dr, Oak Ln, Simply Yours Day Care, Primrose St, W Heather St, & St Maria St between Kellogg Dr & Oak L, 700-940 block of W. Heather Dr, 700-1199 block of St. Maria St, 700-800 block of Primrose
    MPE 454 Tanya Mott Mimosa/ Coronado Montpelier St, Zachary Dr, 1000-1300 Primrose from River Ridge Dr to Maryland Dr, Coronado Dr, Valencia Dr, Balboa Dr, Desoto Dr, Santa Cruz Ct, Acadian Oaks Apts, Avery St, Franklin St, Buras St 8:05am