Bus Routes

  • Below is a list of bus routes for New Sarpy Elementary School.

    School Bus Number Bus Driver Area Served Streets Pickup Time Drop Off Time
    NSE 467 Debra Kaufman Destrehan 101-299 Dunleith Dr, Oakland Dr, Greenwood Dr, Melrose Dr, Parlange Dr, 2200-2400 Blocks of Ormond Blvd, Cove Ln, Cypress Ln, Waverly Pl 8:00am 3:48pm
    NSE 205 Kim Gonzales Destrehan Houmas Pl, Ormond Pl, Ashland Dr, 2100 Block of Ormond Blvd, Landsdowne Ln, Elm Ct, Myrtle Hill Dr, 44-100 Dunleith Dr
    NSE 460 Claire Mayor Destrehan All of Meadows Dr and River Oaks 8:25am 3:50pm
    NSE 58 Antoinett Sellers Destrehan Ormond Meadows Dr, Carolyn Dr, Schexnaydre Ln, Thomas Colby Dr 8:20am
    NSE 453 Wendy Owens Destrehan River Point Dr, River Village Dr, Ormond Village Dr, Kidz At WORK DAY CARE; Acadia Ln, Gabrielle Ln, Laura Ln, Evangeline Ln, Valcour Ln, Acadia Ln 8:20am 3:05pm
    NSE 444 Kathy Rome Destrehan Belle Grove Dr, Belle Helene Dr, Bocage Dr, Asphodel Dr, Trepagnier Dr, Voisin Dr, W Woodlawn Dr, E Woodlawn Dr, Rosedown Dr, Villere Dr, Villere Place, Ormond Trace 8:03am
    NSE 51 Rhonda Stroud Destrehan 100-1000 blocks of Ormond Blvd, Elmwood Dr & Elmwood Ct, N & S Beauregard Ln, Ducayet Dr, Seven Oaks Dr, Shadow Ln, Hermitage Dr, Hermitage Ct, Storehouse Lane (Small World Daycare), Ormond Plantation Apts (1952 Ormond Blvd) Murray Hill, Ormond Oaks, Ave of Oaks 8:00am
    NSE 96 Patti Waguespack Destrehan Nottaway Dr, Madewood Dr, Oakley Ln, Oakley Dr, Arlington, Becky Ln, Longview Dr in Ormond Subdivision, Panther Run Dr, Stanton Hall Dr 8:12am 3:47pm
    NSE 401 Deborah Richard Destrehan Carriage Ln, 1-48 Dunleith Dr (from Carriage Lane to Ashland Dr), Edgewood Dr, D'Evereaux Dr, Brandon Hall 8:15am
    NSE 76 Lakeisha Parkman Destrehan Destrehan Dr, Burguieres Ln, South Destrehan Dr, Commerical Dr, Evergreen Dr, San Fransico Dr, Rosedale Dr, Longview Dr, Longwood Dr, Riverbend Day Care, Tara Dr 8:00am
    NSE 474 Darlinda Tamplin New Sarpy E Lawson St, 9th St, E Harding St, 700-900 blocks of Vans Ln, E Johnson St, E Macadoo St, E Easy St, E Hoover St. 8:15am 4:10pm