Bus Routes

  • Below is a list of bus routes for Norco Elementary School.

    School Bus Number Bus Driver Area Served Streets Pickup Time Drop Off Time
    NES 428 TBA Hollywood Park Montz River Road From Throughbred Ave to Hollywood Park, Lewis Ln, Zack Thomas Ln, Hollywood Park Rd, Arlington Park, Oaklawn Park Dr, Aqueduct, Churchhill Downs 8:05am
    NES 472 Sheila Vicknair Country Cottage Montz Country Cottage Blvd from River Road to Jenny Ct. Betty Dr, Gretchen Ct, Ann Ct, Jenny Ct, 8:00
    NES 462 Janel Ingraham Country Cottage Montz Country Cottage Dr from Arline Ct to Liza Ct, Arline Ct, Linda Diane Ct, Gloria Ct, Judy Ct, Mary Kate Ct, Nana Gin Ct, Liza Ct 8:05am
    NES 53 Stacey Perret Evangline Rd Evangline Estates Montz From Airline Vickers Lane, Calcagno, Kenner, Tower, Union, Evangeline Rd from River Road to Airline {Door side only}, Evangeline Estates. All houses from Union to Evangeline Road on River Road.
    NES 443 Hope Gullage Montz From Airline; Evangeline to River Road, River Road between Evangeline & Thoroughbred , Thoroughbred Ave 8:00am
    NES 22 Lesia Bennett New Sarpy Annex, Clement St, Troxclair, W. Lawson, W. Macadoo St, W. Harding, Short St, W. Hoover, W. Easy, River Road from W. Easy to Annex St., 2nd St, 3rd St, 4th St, 5th St, 80-100 blocks of Vans Ln, 300 block of of St. Charles St.
    NES 29 Erin Smith New Sarpy / Norco Terrace St, E. Terrace St, Short St, St. Charles St, Apple St, St Charles St, Goodhope St . River Road up the the 300 block of Apple St, St. Charles, Goodhope St. 8:00am
    NES 433 Felica Borne Norco 500-800 Block of Apple St, 300-800 St. Charles St, Goodhope, 700 & 800 Blocks of , Barracca St, Clayton, Marino, All of 8th St 8:10 AM
    NES 452 Dorothy Moheng Norco 300-400 Blocks of: Giacamo St, Mary St, West B St, Marino Dr, Clayton Dr, Barreca St, Apple St, 4th St from Pine St to Apple St. 400 Block of Pine St, Oak St, Spruce St. 8:10am
    NES 445 Melanie Duvic Norco 500 & 600 Blocks of Giacamo St, West B St, Marino Dr, Clayton Dr, Barreca St. 5th & 6th St from Pine St to Barreca St, Railroad Ave 8:12am
    NES 91 Jackie Grisolie Norco River Road from Diamond Rd, Easy St, Short St, Starting a River Road 100- 200 blocks of Mary St, West B, Marino Dr, Clayton Dr, Barreca St, 1St Street, 2nd Street, 600-1520 Block 3rd Street 8:00am
    NES 418 Karen Mason Norco W. Pine , Allemend St, Vial St, Honeysuckle Estates, 500-600 blocks of: Oak St, Pine St, Spruce St, Payne St 8:05 AM