Bus Routes

  • Below is a list of bus routes for R.J. Vial Elementary School.

    School Bus Number Bus Driver Area Served Streets Pickup Time Drop Off Time
    RJV 414 Delicia Milligan Boutte/ Paradis Sam St, Short St, Ruth St, Magnolia Ridge Rd (right side), Magnolia Manor Blvd, Bozo's Trailer Park, 13847-15099 Old Spanish Trail (Hwy 631) from Paul Maillard Rd to Bayou Gauche Rd (Hwy 306), First Steps Day Care, White Ln, Rocks Ln, Cajun Paradise, Chruch St, 7:55am
    RJV 19 Lisa Chaisson Bayou Gauche 400-2698 of Bayou Gauche Rd (Hwy 306) from Hwy 90 to Matthew Shamrock I & II, Edna Dr, Matthew Dr, Mark Dr, Luke Dr, 1st St, 2nd St, Rivet Ln, Grand Bayou Rd, Sunshine Dr, Family St, Matherne Dr, & Pleasant Valley 8:17am
    RJV 77 William Larce Bayou Gauche 3000-4691 Bayou Gauche Rd from the end of the Island to Bayou Estates, Frickey Ln, Badeaux Ln, Beau Place, Warren Dr, Kerri Dr, Michael Dr, Pine St, Bayou Estates, Bayou Estates South, Dixie Dr, Bergeron Ln, 7:50am
    RJV 59 Shannon Fonseca Des Allemands Mitchell Ln, Lorraine Dr, Carlon Dr, Cynthia St, Virgie's Ct, Barrios Ln, Levee Rd, Savoie Ln, Gertrude Ln, Victoria Ln, Beadle Ln, Breaux St, Crochet Ln, DeJean St, Touchard Ln, Easy St, Dans Lane, Twin Bridge Rd, Candies Ln, Schaubhut Ln, Boras Ln, Dufrene Ln, Dugas Ln, Up the Bayou Rd, Folse Rd, Ridge Rd, Tregle Ln, Railroad Ave, Cortez Ln, Lucky Ln, Landry Ln, Rogers Ln, Gwen Ln, Kosher Ln, Vics Ln, 17402-17599 Old Spanish Trail (from Lorraine Dr to Bayou Rd), 17026-17599 Hwy 90 (from Lorrai 7:45am
    RJV 75 Johnathan Viveros Des Allemands Scott Ln, JB Green Rd, James Ln, Terrence Ln, Farrell Ln, Meyer Ln, Martin Ln, Darrell Ln, Mott St, Kliner Rd, 16574-16896 Hwy 90 and 15216-16970 Old Spanish Trail (Hwy 631) from Lorraine Dr to Bayou Gauche Rd, Mitchell Ln, Norman Ln, Autin St, Murphy Ln, Maloney Rd, Whitley Rd, Wenger Rd, Frickey Rd. 8:00am
    RJV 21 Donna Euvino Paradis Fonda St, Early St, Taylor St, Baker St, Hale St, Audubon St, Lafaille St, Scott St, Robert St, Wisner St, Cadow St, Travis St, Hines St, Kirk Dr, South St, Louisiana St, Market St, Hwy 90, Barber Rd, Estay Ln. FOUR STARS DAYCARE 8:15am