Bus Routes

  • Below is a list of bus routes for Harry Hurst Middle School.

    School Bus Number Bus Driver Area Served Streets Pickup Time Drop Off Time
    HMS 413 Tiffany Lenoir Destrehan Plantation Rd; Valcour Ln, Evangeline Ln, Laura Ln, Gabrielle Ln, Acadia Ln, Before and After Care at New Sarpy Elementary, Ormond Plantation Apartments, All of Stanton Hall, 1-30 of Oakley Dr (between Nottoway and Longview), Panther Run Dr. 7:20am
    HMS 463 Marlita Williams Destrehan Longview Dr, Tara Dr, San Francisco Dr, Rosedale Dr, Longwood Dr, Evergreen Dr, Whitehall, Ashton Dr, S Destrehan Dr, St. Paul Dr, St. Jude St. Red Church 7:38am 3:08pm
    HMS 471 Tina Martin Destrehan Ormond Blvd from River Rd to Magnolia Dr, Shadow Ln, Hermitage Ct, Elmwood Ct, North & South Beauregard Ln, Ducayet Dr, Seven Oaks Dr, Hurst Ct, Eric Lawrence Dr, 1-38 Melrose, Devereaux Dr, Magnolia Dr, Myrtle Hill, Lansdowne Ln, Elm Ct, 43-107 Dunleith Dr, Devereaux Dr to Magnolia Dr. 7:23am
    HMS 417 Marilyn Bellock Destrehan Carriage Ln, Storehouse Ln (Small World Daycare) 7:22am 3:15am
    HMS 51 Rhonda Stroud Destrehan Villere Dr, Villere Pl, Bocage Dr, East & West Woodlawn Dr, Rosdeown Dr, Ormond Trace, Voison Dr, Belle Helene Dr, Belle Grove Dr, Asphodel Dr, Trepagnier Dr. 7:15am 3:15pm
    HMS 93 Tammy Brown Destrehan Ormond Blvd starting at but not including Asphodel Dr. 108-285 Dunleith, Parlange Dr, Oakland Dr. Greenwood Dr. 39-145 Melrose Dr 7:15am 3:05pm
    HMS 450 Robyn Bourgeois Destrehan Burguieres Ln, Meadows Dr, River Oaks Dr, Destrehan Dr, Ormond Oaks Dr, Murray Hill, Ruth St.
    HMS 401 Deborah Richard Destrehan Houmas Blvd, Ormond Pl, Brandon Hall, Edgewood Dr 7:25am 3:04pm
    HMS 432 Gina Caillouet Destrehan Nottoway Dr, Becky Ln, Longview Dr, Madewood Dr, 40-69 Oakley Dr, Oakley Ln 7:20am 3:10pm
    HMS 460 Claire Mayor Destrehan Ormond Village Dr, River Point Dr, River Village Dr, Cedar Ln, Live Oak Dr, Schexnayder Ln, Thomas Colby, HMS Before Care @ DHS 7:20am
    HMS 462 Janel Ingraham Montz Thoroughbred, Union, Lane, Kenner, Tower, Calcagno Ln, River Rd from Calcagno Ln to Throughbred 7:10am 3:20pm
    HMS 443 Hope Gullage Montz Evangeline Rd, Evangeline Estates: Westover Lane, Rhett Lane, Scarlet Lane, Leigh Lane, North Bend, Betty Dr. 7:05am 3:28pm
    HMS 29 Erin Smith Montz Country Cottage Blvd, Gretchen Ct, Jenny Ct, Arline Ct, Gloria Ct, Judy Ct, Nan Gin Ct, Liza Ct, Zack Thomas Ln, Lewis Ln, Vicknair Ln, Hollywood Park, Church Hill Downs, Aqueduct, Oaklawn Park, Arlington Park 7:10am
    HMS 58 Antoinette Sellers New Sarpy Ormond Meadows, Carolyn Dr, Annex St, Terrace St, Clement St, St. Charles St in New Sarpy, W Harding ST, W Hoover St, W Easy St, W Lawson St, W MacAdoo, Van's Ln, Troxclair St 7:25am 3:09pm
    HMS 433 Felica Borne Norco 7th St, 8th St, 300-800 blocks of Goodhope, St. Charles, Barreca, 700-800 blocks of Clayton, Apple, Pine, Payne, West B, Marino, Giacomo, 600 Blocks of: Barreca, Clayton, Marino, West B, Giacomo, Sixth @ Oak, Spruce, Pine; HMS Before & After Care @ NES 7:00am
    HMS 428 TBA Norco The following streets from River Rd to the 1st set of tracks: Washington St, Cathey St, Diamond Rd, East Rd, Sirs Ln, 1-300 Blocks of Mary St, West B St, 100-300 Apple St, Goodhope St, St. Charles St. Marino St, Clayton St, Barreca {300 blocks BEFORE THE TRACKS} 6:55am 3:15pm
    HMS 452 Dorothy Moheng Norco Honeysuckle, Missletoe, Wildrose, Alleman, Vial St, Mule, Payne, 300-500 block of: Spruce, Pine, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 300-500 blocks of: Apple, Giacomo, Mary St, West B, Marino Dr, Clayton Dr, Barreca St. 7:20am
    HMS 474 Darlinda Tamplin Norco Vans Ln (behind tracks), Ninth St, E MacAdoo St, E Harding St, E Hoover St, E Johnson St, E Easy St, E Lawson St, E Terrace St. 7:23am