Bus Routes

  • Below is a list of bus routes for Hahnville High School.

    School Bus Number Bus Driver Area Served Streets Pickup Time Drop Off Time
    HHS 15 Wendy Mashia Ama/ Luling 10000 block to 10689 block of River Road {St. Joe to the Parish Line}, Alice St, PM Ln, Bernard Ave, Ellen St, Amelia St, Allen Dr, Griffin Dr, Michael St, Triche St, Vidal Ln, St. Joe St, Barton Ave, Celia Dr, ADAPT BUS 6:20AM Late Take-In 8:55am 2:45pm
    HHS 422 Emelda Turner Ama/ Luling Kennedy St, Zeller St, St. Mark St, Lemoine Ln, Ben St, Crooked "R" Ln, Robert St, Johnson St, Megan St, 10700-11898 River Road (Warren to Kennedy St.) 6:15am Late Take-In 8:40am 3:00pm
    HHS 19 Lisa Chaisson Bayou Gauche 400-2698 Bayou Gauche Rd-Hwy 306 (from Hwy 90 to Matthew), Shamrock I & II, Edna Dr, Matthew Dr, Mark Dr, Luke Dr, 1st St, 2nd St, Bergeron Ln, Rivet Ln, Grand Bayou Rd, Sunshine Dr, Family St, Matherne Dr, Pleasant Valley 6:15am Late Take-In 8:47am 2:58pm
    HHS 476 Lynnette Richards Bayou Gauche 3000-4691 Bayou Gauche Rd (from Bayou Estate Dr to the end of the island), Frickey Ln, Badeaux Ln, Beau Place, Warren Dr, Kerri Dr, Michael Dr, Pine St, Bayou Estates, Bayou Estates South, Dixie Dr 6:00am Late Take-In 8:40am 2:37pm
    HHS 456 Cherylynn Peters Boutte Magnolia Ridge Rd, Magnolia Manor, Maple St, Acorn St, Sharon Ave, Willow St, Lily St, Ash St, Magnolia Ave, Spruce St, Hickory St, Pine St, Williams St. 6:18am Late Take-In 8:45am
    HHS 470 Leslie Kimbrew Boutte Myrtle St, Breaux St, Schmill St, Melonie St, Woodland Ct, Woodland Dr, River Ridge Dr, Faith Place, Montpelier Dr, Zachary 1100-1300 Primrose Dr starting at River Ridge up to but not including Valencia Dr. Avery St, Franklin, Santa Cruz 6:20am Late Take-In 8:30am 2:32pm
    HHS 447 Samantha Hills Boutte/Luling Boutte Estates Dr, Trailer Park on HWY 90 next to Walgreens, Turner St, 6:42am Late Take-In 9:05am 2:30pm
    HHS 129 Cheryl Dufrene Luling Paul Fredrick and Brooklyn St 6:36am Late Take-In 9:00am 2:35pm
    HHS 140 Lynnette Celestine Boutte/Paradis 13500-14726 Old Spanish Trail (from Paul Maillard Rd to Hwy 631-Bayou Gauche Rd), Cajun Paradise, **Students living on the following streets must walk to Old Spanish Trail: White Ln, Lagarde Dr, Hills Ln, 1st. 2nd, 3rd,4th St, Kadak St, Sellers Ln.
    HHS 59 Shannon Fonseca Des Allemands Mitchell Ln, Old Spanish Trail (Hwy 631) from DeJean's Store up to Wenger Rd, Up the Bayou Rd, Folse Dr, Ridge Rd, Railroad Ave, Easy St, Pump Ln, Tregle Ln, Touchard Ln, DeJean St, Down the Bayou Rd, Schaubhut Ln, Candies Ln, Crochet Dr, Dugas Ln, Twin Bridge Rd, Lorraine Dr, 1700-17401 Old Spanish Trail (from Up the Bayou Rd to Lorraine Dr.) 6:20am Late Take-In 8:45am 2:35pm
    HHS 468 Tyra Robinson Des Allemands Hwy 90 in Des Allemands, Scott Ln, JB Green Rd, Wenger Rd, Mott St, Norman Ln, Autin Ln, Frickey Rd, Old Spanish Trail from Wenger Rd to Paradis (16296-16300 blocks), Griffin Ln, Whitley Rd, Maloney Rd 6:36am Late Take-In 8:50am 2:46pm
    HHS 442 Terri Darensburg Hahnville Smith St, Sunset Ct, Hahn St, King St, Julia St, Lincoln St, Shaw St, Ash St, Sycamore St, Pecan St, Hickory St, Walnut St, Oak St, Elm St, Butternut St, Aquarius St., all of South Fashion Streets (S. Fashion Blvd, General Lee, Natchez Ct, General Taylor, Union Dr) 6:30am Late Take-In 9:00am 2:35pm
    HHS 54 Debra Campbell Hahnville 13841-15069 River Road from School Board Office to but not including Keller St, Avalon Subdivision, Fashion Plantation Subdivision, Matis Trailer Park, Courthouse Ln, Bethlehem St, Richard Ln, Joe Louis Ln 6:20am Late Take-In 8:40am 2:38pm
    HHS 24 Laura Taylor Hahnville 15125-15909 River Rd from River Park Dr. to Keller St ,River Park Dr, River Park Apts, Gourges St, Nicholas St, St. Charles St, Keller St, Trailsway Dr, Pioneer Dr 6:30am Late Take-In 8:50am 2:40pm
    HHS 469 Sandradee Washington Killona Hymelia Trailer Park, Killona Dr and Adam St (River Rd to tracks), all of Schoolhouse Rd, 18174-19169 River Road (from the Hymeila Trailor Park to Landeche Ln), Olivia Dr, River Crest Dr, Rosedon Pl, Champagne Dr, Church St, Thelma Ln, Schexnayder Ln, Whitehead Blvd,Nicole Ln, Benoit Ln, Landeche Ln 6:20am Late Take-In 2:38pm
    HHS 419 Kanisha Paul Killona All of Post Dr, Killona Dr and Adam St behind the tracks, River Rd from Killona to Taft 6:20am Late Take-In 8:50am 2:35pm
    HHS 215 Dawn Hoffman Luling Ashton Plantation Ashton Plantation Subdivision, Aston Rd, Mongrue St, St. Charles Blvd, Evangeline St, Elvine St, Bradwall, Luling Ave, Lussan Ln, Antoine Ln, Ristoph St, 100-300 Paul Maillard Rd, Ristroph St, 100 block of Gassen 6:10am Late Take-In 8:50am
    HHS 415 Angel Sparks Luling 12100-12830 block of River Road in Luling {Dee's Trailor Park to Celia Dr} Dee's Trailer Park, Lone Star, Willard, Balamenti, 100 Block of Barton Ave, Celia Dr, River Road from Dee's Trailor Park to Celia Dr, Davis Dr, Warren Dr 6:22am Late Take In 8:45am
    HHS 92 Dwayne White Luling - Barton 200-400 Barton Ave (Purple Martin to Hwy 90) Purple Martin Ln, Davis Dr, Evelyn Dr, Nola St, Marcia St, Barton Ave from 1st set of tracks to Hwy 90, Palm Pl, Walnut Pl, Elm Pl, Chestnut Pl, Bernice Dr, Rex St. 6:25am Late Take-In 8:50am 2:35pm
    HHS 459 Iris Clark Luling Sugarhouse Rd, Sellers Ave, Milling Ave, Ellington Ave, Court St, 1st St, 2nd St, 3rd St, 4th St, Talbot Dr, Post Dr, Courville Dr, Collier Dr 6:30am Late Take-In 8:50am
    HHS 1 Latasha Hawkins Luling Gassen St from the rail road tracks to Hackberry St, Luling Estates Dr, Allie Ln, Ashton Oaks, Kinler St. 6:25am Late Take-In 9:00am
    HHS 455 Ralph Jones Luling 400-2500 blocks of Paul Maillard Rd, Tinny St, Alexander St, Ponderosa St, Bailey St, Goodchildren St, S. Kinler St, Turner Lane, Blueberry Hill St, N. Oak St, Vial Lane, Stevens Ct, David Ct, Simmons Ln 6:30am Late Take-In 2:30pm
    HHS 431 Neatrice Rousell Luling - Lakewood Lance Lane Apartments, Lakewood South: Braden Dr, Allison Dr, Lake Carolyn Dr, Lake Catherine Dr, Gregory Dr, South Lake Dr. North Lake Dr 6:30am Late Take-In 8:55am 2:35pm
    HHS 112 TBA Lakewood Drive 100 - 213 Lakewood Drive from Hwy 90 to E Heather, Lakewood Dr at the following streets: Starting at Birch St, Apple Ct, Camelia Ct, Evergreen Ct, Flowerwood Ct, Gardenia Ct,
    HHS 45 Johnathan Viveros Lakewood Dr Pier II - Willowdale - Willowridge All of Willowdale Blvd, Beaupre, Cottage Dr, Laurel Ct, Suwannee Dr, Azalea Ct, Savanna Dr, Magnolia Ct. 6:37am Late Take-In 9:00am 2:42pm