School To Career

  • Why is the School-to-Career process so important to you?

    In order to be able to have as many opportunities as possible when you graduate from high school, you must do your best throughout high school.

    Once you have chosen a career, find out what education and training you will need after high school. Research the requirements of the required education and training, and make sure your academic performance in high school is adequate enough to allow you to have those opportunities.

    If you do not do well in high school, your choices and opportunities will be limited. If you do well in high school, you will have many more opportunities and choices when you graduate.

    Remember that the grades on your official report card are the grades that will be used to calculate your grade point average. TOPS and universities have minimum grade point average requirements.

    Your high school grades and academic performance will have a direct impact on the rest of your life.


                                          Hahnville High School                                      

    School to Career


    Hope Barnhill


    -Job Shadows – All 10th and 11th graders are given an opportunity to participate in a job shadow. If you or someone you know is interested in being a job shadow host please contact the School to Career office.


    -Dual Enrollment – At the present time there are 15 courses at Hahnville which provide the students with an opportunity to receive college credit. Accounting I, Business English, Customer Service, Electricity, Financial Literacy, IBCA, Instrumentation I & II, Web Design, and Welding I & II are dually enrolled through South Central Louisiana Technical College. Chemistry I H, College Algebra, Spanish III Honors, and TV Productions are dually enrolled through Southeastern Louisiana University. 


    -Satellite Center – Quest for Success students are given an overview of the course offerings.  All 10th-11th graders who have shown an interest in any of the courses offered are given an opportunity for a more in-depth visit and/or meeting with the facilitators.  


    -Field Trips – 11th and 12th graders who are interested in programs offered at area technical and community colleges are given an opportunity  to visit these campuses. Field trips are also provided for various career and technical education classes to enhance the curriculum. Previous trips have been taken to South Central Louisiana Technical College, Delgado Community College, Fletcher Technical Community College, Blue Cliff College, Associated Builders and Contractors and Cospolich to name a few.


    -Career Days – Students enrolled in Quest for Success are given an opportunity to visit with professionals from various careers. If you or someone you know is interested in participating in career days please contact the School to Career office.


    -Interviews – Learning how to apply for a job is part of the Quest for Success curriculum so the students are given an opportunity to experience a job interview. If you or someone you know is interested in participating in freshmen interviews please contact the School to Career office.   


    -Guest Speakers – Having professionals from the “real world” speak to students is a great way for the students to make a connection with the course work and their future. If you or someone you know is interested in being a guest speaker please contact the School to Career office.


    -Job Offerings – Students looking for a job can inquire in the School to Career office.


    -Work Permit – A permit can be obtained from the School to Career office once the student’s employer has completed the intent to employ form. 


    -College Visitation Forms – Juniors are allowed one college visitation day and seniors are allowed two college visitation days. The form must be turned into the attendance office after the visit.