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Google - Level 1 Certified Educator M.A.+30 - University of Southern California M.A. - Baylor University M.Ed. - Louisiana State University - Shreveport B.A. - University of Louisiana - Lafayette


5/17 Update

Weekly Learning Schedule 5/18-5/22

Dear Mudbug Families,

 This upcoming week is our last week of school! Please review the schedule above. While all of the required assignments have been assigned in previous weeks, this is a great week for you to catch up on any unfinished work and submit your Shark and Wee Fish videos if you haven't done so already.

Also, Zearn and Lexia will be available to your child throughout the summer. Please consider having them utilize these resources to stay sharp on their first grade skills. I am available to you throughout the summer if needed, so please don't hesitate to reach out!

5/8 Update

Weekly Learning Scheule 5/11-5/15

Dear Mudbug Families,

We are finally here - our last week of official home learning.  This week, we will conclude our "domain" on early America.  On Wednesday, children will respond to a question in writing on Google Classroom using Google Docs.  Please carefully read the instructions so that they can submit their work for feedback from me!  I am also asking everyone to reach out to me with a good time for me to meet virtually with your child to do a short reading fluency assessment.  This is nothing to prepare for or stress about.  My schedule is flexible, so I am happy to meet at a time (day or night) that is convenient for you.  As always, please let me know if I can support you or your child in any way during this time.  It is my pleasure to help!

Mrs. Stohlman


4/30 Update

Weekly Learning Schedule 5/4-5/8

Dear Mudbug Families,

We made it through our first official week of home learning!  Thank you for your patience and your willingness to support your children through this process!  I hope that the workload was not too overwhelming for you or your child.  If it has been, please reach out to me so we can troubleshoot.  This next week will be a continuation of the work we have been doing.  As always, if I can support you in any way, please reach out to me!  I am happy to help in any way.  Thanks in advance for your continued support!

Mrs. Stohlman


Weekly Learning Schedule 4/27-5/1

Stohlman Home Learning Informational Video for Parents: https://youtu.be/laBzdceMYAw

Dear Mudbug Families,

On Monday, April 27, all K-2 students of St. Charles Parish Public Schools will begin a new phase of home learning that is designed to ensure that they are receiving high-quality instruction despite the ongoing school closure.  As a parent, I know that it can be difficult to manage this type of “home-schooling,” so my goal is that this phase will be largely student-led using several exceptional online resources.  In addition, I will be available to provide one-on-one support for your child based on their performance on these online resources.  I will monitor their usage and performance and will provide additional support based on the information I gather from these resources. 

Every day, students will spend time on Zearn and Lexia, and they will also watch a read-aloud from our Core Knowledge curriculum on YouTube.  Finally, they will be asked to respond to a question about that read-aloud in Google Classroom.  All of my students had regular practice with each of these programs at school, so they should be able to use them with minimal support from you.

Each week, I will post a detailed, hyper-linked schedule on my website and on our class Facebook group.  I will also email a copy of the schedule.  There is a link to this schedule above the message.  The schedule will include links to lessons in Zearn and Lexia, along with a link to a “read-aloud” on YouTube.  A link to Google Classroom will also be included so that students can respond to the read-aloud question. 

The only thing you will need to print are the Zearn notes that correspond with each lesson.  These notes include work pages and exit tickets.

If I can support you in any way, please do not hesitate to let me know.  I hope that you will find the ease and predictability of this schedule useful in supporting your child’s learning at home.  Thank you in advance for being a partner in your child’s education.


Sign-Up Genius Link:







4/9 Update

Hello Mudbug Families!

I hope that you are all doing as well as can be expected during this extended school closure.  This week, I have been reflecting on how we can best communicate honestly and openly with children about COVID-19.  It's important for us to equip children with information that is both accurate and age appropriate.  This may help alleviate some of the anxiety or fear that they are experiencing.  For my family, I have tried to avoid watching extended periods of cable news when my children are present, and I have also encouraged them to reach out to friends and family via Zoom and FaceTime.  We are also enjoying learning things that are typically not taught at school - how to make a bed, how to vacuum, and how to cook dinner.  We have also tried to enjoy the additional family time by watching movies together and spending a lot of time outdoors in our backyard.  I think these activities have helped to create a sense of normalcy during this very unusual time.  Here is a link for some additional information from the CDC on the best way to talk with children about COVID-19:


Beginning the week of April 27, all teachers will begin what we are referring to as "Phase III" learning.  I will be sharing much more information with you on what this will entail, but it will be very similar to what we have already been doing using many of our typical online programs (Zearn, Lexia, Google Classroom, etc.).  I am here to support you and your child, and I am confident that we will be able to meaningfully use technology to meet all of your child's academic needs during this time.  I am excited to blaze this new trail of learning with my amazing group of mudbugs! 

Finally, many people have asked me to share the academic schedule I keep with my own children, and I have drafted a schedule below.  My goal with "home-schooling" has been to keep it simple, focused, and fun (for both them and me).  Please let me know if you have a schedule that is working for you!  I am happy to upload some of your schedules to this website since they may be helpful to others.  As always, please keep in touch with our class on the Facebook group (Mrs. Stohlman's First Grade 2019-2020).  If you are having trouble accessing this private group, send me a message, and I will add you.  Thanks for your continued support of your child's academic progress.  I am always here to help if you need me, and I miss those mudbugs like crazy.  Have a great week!


Sample Schedule

10:30-10:50 - Lexia Core5

10:50-11:10 - ReadWorks (Reading/Writing Response) Article-A-Day

11:10-11:40 - Zearn

11:40-12:10 - Lunch

12:10-12:30 - Studies Weekly (Social Studies) 

12:30-12:50 - Mystery Science 

12:50-1:10 - DuoLingo (Learning a New Language!)

1:10-1:30 - Active Play (outdoor play, YouTube exercise videos, Mr. Chad's or Mr. Patrick's Facebook videos!)

If you need the login credentials for any of these above mentioned websites, just let me know.  I have class accounts for all of them!  Have a great week!


4.1 Update

Hello Mudbug Families!

It was great to speak with you all this week!  I hope the resources that I have been posting have been helpful.  During this time, I encourage you to take part in fun, enriching activities with your children - explore different cultures by reading and writing in response to nonfiction books, learn a new language using the free app Duolingo, make video journals and post them to our Google classroom!  Another option - have your child video themselves "teaching" their classmates something they have learned, and post that in our Google Classroom!  This is a great time for truly self-directed learning.  It's easy and enjoyable to maintain the skills we have already learned in a truly self-directed way!  I will also continue to post resources here and in our Facebook group.  Three new resources that I am loving this week are:

Big Universe - another free online library with over 17,000 books - many of them science-themed and/or biographies - favorites among our class!


Great Minds - Knowledge on the Go Videos - videos of Eureka math lessons, starting with Module 4.  While we have already completed Module 4, it's an important one, so these videos provide a great review!


Duolingo - the best new way to learn a language!  Learn Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and others, and earn points along the way!  So fun!!


As always - let me know if I can support you in any way!  I am here to make this as easy for you as possible!

Love, Mrs. Stohlman


3.26 Update

Dear Mudbug Families,

I'm going to update on this website regularly during the closure, and I will leave old posts below in case you miss an update!  I want to encourage everyone to have their child log in to our Google Classroom (classroom.google.com).  We have used this platform a lot in our class, and I will post some fun questions and enrichment activities there.  It's also a great way for them to stay in touch with their classmates.  If your child does not remember their username and/or password, send me an email, and I will send it to you.  I am here to support you as you support your child during this time.  I know this unplanned "homeschooling" can be difficult with everything on our plates, but I am here to make it as easy as possible for you!  Stay safe!

Mrs. Stohlman


Dear Mudbug Families,

During this prolonged school closure related to COVID-19, I am sure you are looking for resources to support your child's learning at home.  The district has compiled a list of digital and print home-learning resources that will be available to students in our district.  The goal of these optional activities is to help students review previously-taught course material, practice course/grade-level skills, and engage in interest-based enrichment tasks.  Here is a link to these resources.




Also, in our class, we used the online program Epic! regularly.  This is a wonderful website and app with thousands of books that students can read.  There are also comprehension quizzes after many of the books.  Please email me at sstohlman@stcharles.k12.la.us if you are interested in receiving our class code. 

Zearn is also wonderful program that is directly aligned to our math curriculum.  To access Zearn, you will need to create a free account.  There is no class access code.  

In the district's guide, you have access to a username and password for CKLA.  CKLA is the curriculum we use to support both reading foundations and reading comprehension.  These are easy-to-follow curricula, and using them would be a great way for you to support your child's learning. 

Lexia is also a wonderful program to support their reading foundations.

I will continue to search for high-quality resources to support your children during this time.  When I find great resources, I will put them in the COVID-19 Home Learning Resources folder located here on my website.  Please check back regularly.

Please let your children know that I miss them and can't wait to get back to our regular routine!!  Stay safe!


Welcome to the website for my first grade class!  I look forward to providing your child with an educational experience that both challenges and excites them. 

First grade is a year where our young learners make tremendous growth.  We build on the reading foundations established in kindergarten to grow fluent readers who make sense of what they are reading. 

Our math curriculum encourages a deeper understanding of place value and strategies that our students can use to fluently add and subtract within 20. 

We also work to develop our students socially and emotionally by nurturing positive relationships among peers and adults and cultivating appropriate understandings of the norms and expectations of school. It is truly a wonderful year, and I am confident you will be amazed by their growth!

Please check this site regularly for updated information and interesting resources that can help you support your child.  As always, please contact me any time to discuss questions or concerns that you may have.