Mr. Josh Bordelon

Phone: (985) 764-9946


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science Degree Louisiana State University Kinesiology/Health and PE

Mr. Josh Bordelon

COVID-19 Class Updates:

***A couple of extra workout assignments have been posted in the At-Home Learning tab for this week if you would like the opportunity to increase your grade.***

PE1 - 2nd/3rd Period

To finish up this school year vitually, there are 4 more sports that we planned on covering:

1. Bowling

2. Frisbee Golf

3. Softball

4. Flag Football

On the dates of April 20th - May 8th, I will be providing you with some instructional videos and assessments for understanding. Each sport will have 1-2 formative assessments on the skills and strategies to play the sport, and then a summative assessment covering the sport in whole. Please refer to At-Home Learning under the PE1 tab for all materials needed to complete your final semester PE grade.

Athletic PE - 4th Period

On the dates of April 20th - May 8th, all Athletic PE students (Coach Bordelon and Stock's class) will need to complete 2 workouts a week from the website All students will then complete the formative assessment based on there workout for their grade. They will also complete 2 summative grades based specifically on their sport played. Please refer to At-Home Learning under the Athletic PE tab for all materials needed to complete your final semester PE grade.

As we continue to be out of school due to the Coronavirus, please remember the importance in being physically active. Get up in your house and get moving anyway you can while still practicing social distancing. We have completed 4 units so far this semester (Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, and Basketball) that you should have good understanding about to be able to play for physical activity. Other examples of activities you may perform could be those that go along with our Fitnessgram: Stretching, Push-ups, Curl-ups, and Cardiovascular Endurance activities (running, jogging, jump rope, etc.).

Welcome to my class. This is my 12th year teaching and my 9th year at Destrehan High School. I am looking forward to teaching your child. I will teach PEI this year. I am a 2002 graduate of Destrehan High School. I also coach Football and Tennis here at Destrehan High School.

  • 2019 Fall:

    1st Period-PEI

    2nd Period-PEI

    3rd Period-Planning

    4th Period-PEI


    2020 Spring:

    1st Period-Planning

    2nd Period-PEI

    3rd Period-PEI

    4th Period-Athletic PE