Phone: 985-764-9946


Degrees and Certifications:

I received my B.A. in Art Education from Nicholls State university 2001. A.P. Visual Studio Art/Rice University 2015

Ms. Lea Ann Harper

Welcome Parents,Students and my fellow Educators. I am happy to be back, last year was rough and it looks like this year is going to be a challenge as well. I have been blessed to be able to teach in such a great school district and such an awesome school. SCPPS has put so much thought and planning into providing the best education possible.  It is unfortunate that we are still dealing with a pandemic, among all the other curve balls life throws our way.  I am sure mistakes and confusion will occur from time to time but together we can overcome anything.  I am retiring soon, and I am actually sad about it. I am going to concentrate on getting well, and dive into some artwork. I am truly going to miss all of my school buddies and students. Please keep in touch, email me at or look me up on facebook.  I on to the next chapter, and I hoping you all will be in it.

  • Fall Semester

    1st Period:  7:10Am -8:56AM/Art II

    2nd Period:  8:57AM-10:43AM/Art I

    3rd Period:  10:44-12:29PM/Art I

    4th Period:  12:30PM-2:15PM/Planning-Professional Development

    Spring Semester

    1st Period:  7:10Am -8:56AM/Planning-Professional Development

    2nd Period:  8:57AM-10:43AM/Art III

    3rd Period:  10:44-12:29PM/AP Studio Art

    4th Period:  12:30PM-2:15PM//Art II