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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Louisiana State University Social Studies Certified

Cori Luquet


Welcome to Mrs. Luquet's Class

 Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

 I am looking forward to being your child's teacher for this school year. In order to create a successful educational environment, I have developed classroom rules and procedures that will be in place at all times. I ask that you please support your child by helping him/her abide by these rules. Together, we can make this year a productive as well as enjoyable one for your child. Your student will need to access my Google classroom daily for assignments. Please read and discuss the class and school discipline policy and procedures that follow.

 Class Management / Class Discipline Approach-

At Destrehan High School we take a Restorative Approach to discipline.  Our primary focus, in conjunction with teaching and learning, is to build positive and working relationships.  My discipline management plan will be consistent with the following restorative action steps:

  1. Remind students will be reminded of rule(s) or directions
  2. Redirect students will be specifically redirected to the task at hand
  3. Relocate students will be relocated to either reflect upon (mis) behavior, calm down, or removed from a potentially disruptive situation (If necessary)
  4. Reflect students will be guided to reflect upon what happened, what could have prevented the situation, and how to make amends to the appropriate parties (If necessary)

***Further or more severe consequences may be assigned if disruptive behavior continues or for more serious incidents/offenses**

Cell phone policy-

  • Cell phones and headphones of any kind are not allowed during class at all. Upon entering the room, students will be expected to run their phones into the cell phone charging station. If a student does not turn in their phone at the start of class, it will be taken and be an automatic write up.


  • Grades will consist of tests, daily participation, projects, quizzes, and homework. Summative(60%) -Formative (40%)  A= 100-93, B= 92-85, C= 84-75, D= 74-67, F=66-60.

 Homework, Classwork , and Makeup Policy-

  • If a student is leaving school for a field trip or checking out, he/she must bring any work due that day to me before he/she leaves. When a student is out of class because of a field trip or any excused function, it is his/her responsibility to get it and complete any assignments before returning to class.
  • When a student is absent, he/she is responsible for making up all work missed. It is not my responsibility to remind anyone. Students are allowed 3 days after an absence to make up work missed. If the student does not makeup the work it will result in a zero. All tests will be made up in TLC.

 Contacting Me-






    Period 1: Civics 

    Period 2: World Geography

    Period 3: Am Government

    Period 4: Planning



    Period 1: Civics

    Period 2: World Geography

    Period 3: Economics

    Period 4: Planning