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B.A. English, UNO (1993) M.A. English, UNO (1999) Teaching Certification, UNO (2003) Teacher Leader, SELU (2008)

Mr. William Plasse

Update, May 13:

Today is the APLIT exam, with APAH on 5/13 and APLAC on 5/20.  

Due to reported technical difficulties, the College Board is asking students to visit this link:  Please do so prior to signing in for the test (remember that sign-in starts 30 minutes prior to the exam time; follow this link at least an hour before that, to give yourself enough time)

Update, May 11:  

AP Exams are upon us, with APLIT on 5/13, APAH on 5/15, and APLAC on 5/20.  Please continue to check Google Classroom for AP information, and for resources to help practice/prepare.

If students haven't done the demo yet, they should do so at least 24 hours prior to their exam.  Keep in mind that the demo will only take a few minutes, but College Board recommends logging in for your test 30 minutes prior to the start.

Remember that you can visit this page: for an exam-day checklist.

Keep Calm, Be Prepared, and Do Your Best.  Good luck!

Update, May 4: 

Today would have been the start of AP exams; however, today should be the start of prep for the logistics of the exams. I am including things to consider for your students prior to the exams that begin next week.
·       AP Demo begins today! Students and teachers should go to to practice on the device they will be using for the exam.
·       Students will need to explore what documents will be needed for exam day by going to . This link will provide reference sheets for some of the exams.
·       Students will need to determine the time of their exam. The exam ticket will give the EST time to begin the exam. Our students will take the exams at 11:00, 1:00, and 3:00. They will need to start checking in 30 minutes prior to the exam to begin the security checks.
·       Exam Day Checklist: Attached. May need to go through with students. I would encourage their downloading and printing this out for exam day.
·       If they have the Grammarly plug in on their computer, they must uninstall prior to the exams. The exams will not work with this plug in.
·       This link will give a video on preparation for the exams:
Students should receive an email confirmation today of all exams that they are registered to take. If they do not receive that email, then they can access via their College Board account. They will receive their e-ticket two days prior to their exam. They will also need their AP ID# for the exam. IF they do not get an email, they can access the e-ticket via their College Board account.

Update, May 1: Students can use the following link to do a demo for this year's AP exam format:

We suggest doing the demo on the same device students will be using for the exam, to ensure there are no technical issues.


Update, April 29:  Please visit the following link for important AP Exam information:


Update: April 27: Please continue to check Google Classroom for assignments and activities.


Update: April 6:  Please read the following, and continue to check Google Classroom for information, materials, and activities.

Advanced Placement Testing Spring 2020

Hello, Parents of Students Enrolled in Advanced Placement Courses:

As many of you are aware, College Board will be providing at-home testing to all students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses. All SCPPS students who are currently enrolled in an AP course or students who were enrolled in An AP course during the fall of 2019 will take a 45-minute online, free-response exam from their home. Students will be able to take these streamlined exams on any device they have access to—a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Taking a photo of handwritten work will also be an option. AP exams will be administered between May 11th and May 22nd. Please go to the College Board website and check the “Coronavirus Updates” link to access a complete exam schedule, information about which units will and will not be assessed on this year’s exam, and details about how exams will be administered at home.

Your AP student can now access free, live, and on-demand courses to review content and skills that were covered in the first 75% of each AP course.  Your student can sign in to his/her AP Classroom account to find a course schedule and access these courses through an AP YouTube Channel. These courses are designed to be used alongside any coursework provided by the student’s AP teacher.  

It is important that students communicate regularly with their AP teachers during this time.  Students should check their Google Classroom daily, as AP teachers are providing additional resources and exam practice. If you or your student has any questions about the new review resources or this year’s abbreviated AP exam, please reach out to your student’s AP teacher.  The AP teachers in our district are committed to helping all AP students maximize their potential to earn college credit through AP exams. 


  • Class Schedule:


    Period 1: AP English III: Language & Composition (A/B)

    Period 2: AP English IV: Literature & Composition (A/B)

    Period 3: AP Art History

    Period 4: Planning


    Period 1: AP English: Language & Composition (A/B)

    Period 2: AP English: Literature & Composition (A/B)

    Period 3: Planning

    Period 4: Planning