Mrs. Suzanne Aucoin



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Suzanne Aucoin

At Home Learning Posted Below for Algebra I and Geometry:


Welcome to my class. This is my thirty-third year teaching at Hahnville High School. I am looking forward to providing interventions for students. I will provide Algebra Intensive, Algebra I, and Geometry interventions this year.

Students do not need supplies for intervention.  I will provide everything needed in intervention.

I am a graduate of Hahnville High School and Nicholls State University. 

Phone: 985-758-7537


Degrees and certifications:  Bachelors of Science Degree; Certified Mathematics Teacher

Class Schedule:

Period 1:  Algera Intensive, Algebra I, & Geometry Intervention

Period 2:  Algebra Intensive, Algebra I, & Geometry Intervention

Period 3:  Algebra Intensive, Algebra I, & Geometry Intervention

Period 4:  Professional Learning Community



The following are the interventions that were used for each Algebra and Geometry test.  These are great assignments to use to review the material that was taught this year.

 Algebra Interventions

Alg I Test 1 Intervention - Polynomials

Alg I Test 2 Intervention - Equations & Inequalities

Alg I Test 3 Intervention - Linears & Systems

Alg Test 4 Intervention - Sequences, Growth, & Decay

Alg I Test 5 Intervention - Functions & Shifts

Alg I Test 6 Intervention - Factoring

Alg I Quiz Intervention - Solving Quadratics

Alg I Test 8 Intervention - Graphs of Quadratics and Completing the Square

Alg I Test 9 Intervention - Quadratics Vertex Form


Geometry Interventions

Geo Test 1 Intervention - Vocabulary

Geo Test 2 Intervention - Angle Properties

Geo Test 3 Intervention - Transformations 

Geo Test 4 Intervention - Triangle Congruency

 Geo Test 5 Intervention - Parallelograms

Geo Test 6 Intervention - Similar Figures

Geo Test 7 Intervention - Trigonometry

Geo Test 8 Intervention - Distance, Midpoint, Area, & Perimeter

Geo Test 9 Intervention - Circles