Phone: 758-7537


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Science Degree from Nicholls State University

Mrs. Maria Cancienne

Welcome to my class. This is my 36th year teaching at Hahnville School. I am looking forward to another exciting year at HHS! I will teach Dual Enrollment College Algebra, Honors Geometry and AP Calculus AB this year. 


  • FALL

    1st: Dual Enrollment College Algebra

    2nd: Honors Geometry

    3rd: AP Calculus

    4th: Prep


    1st: Honors Geometry

    2nd: Prep

    3rd: Calculus

    4th: Honors Geometry

    Supply List for 2022

    (Watch for back to school sales on the TI-30XII.)

    College Algebra:

    binder with loose leaf 

    all students MUST have their own TI-30XII Scientific Calculator not multi-view (this is the only approved calculator for the course)  

    pencils, highlighters, and red ink pens to use for checking

    Honors Geometry:

    binder with loose leaf 

    pencils, highlighters, red ink pens to use for checking

    compass & protractor (There will be no shared tools this year so every student must have their own and bring them to class.  We will start using these items on Day 2.)

    pack of AAA batteries

    All students MUST at least have a scientific calculator (TI-30XII) for use at home.  No excuses during the year that I didn't do my homework because I didn't have a calculator.  If a student would like to invest in a graphing calculator, the TI-84 Plus is what we will be using in class.  This would be an investment because they would be able to use this calculator in future math courses as well as on the ACT; however, the purchase is not mandatory for this class.

    AP Calc

    binder with loose leaf and dividers

    pencils, highlighters, red pens for checking, etc

    graphing calculator (TI-84 Plus will be available for use in class but it is encouraged that the students have their own TI-84 Plus CE)

    graph paper - optional