Mrs. Maria Cancienne

Phone: 758-7537


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Science Degree from Nicholls State University

Mrs. Maria Cancienne

Welcome to my class. This is my 33nd year teaching at Hahnville School. I am looking forward to another exciting year at HHS! I will teach Dual Enrollment College Algebra, Honors Geometry and Advanced Math 1 this year. 

 3/30/20:  I miss you all very much and can't wait until we are back together again!! 

Just wanted to share that in addition to the assignments that I post on Google Classroom the district has created a list of wonderful resources that you can use to review and as a resource for new learning. Also you will find a sample daily schedule if interested.  Click here for these wonderful resources.


  • Assignments

    College Algebra - This course will proceed as usual.  You were given a calendar back in February and all due dates are being honored except for tests.  I have been communicating with you via google classroom so continue to check it daily for updates and announcements.


    Adv Math - WebAssigns have been posted with due dates.  These WebAssigns are review for the test you should have taken the first day we were out. Complete these in preparation for a summative WebAssign which will replace the test we were going to take.


    Supplemental Assignments 

    Honors Geometry - Currently I have Module 5 (Circles) posted on google classroom.  Please log on and let me know how it is going and how far you've gone.


    I will make sure I am at my computer from 2:00 - 3:30 pm everyday in case you should have questions.  However, I usually hear it ding and check it all day long.



    Supply List for 2017 -2018

    College Algebra:

    binder with loose leaf or large notebook

    all students MUST have a TI-30XII Scientific Calculator (this is the only approved calculator for the course)

     Class Supplies - 

    pack of pencils

     Honors Geometry:

    binder with loose leaf 


    compass & protractor (nothing expensive or fancy; stay away from the plastic compasses because they do not last and metal protractors because you cannot read angle measures) Inexpensive metal compasses may be purchased at The Educator near Lakeside for around a $1.00.

    pack of AAA batteries

    All students MUST at least have a scientific calculator (TI-30XII) for use at home.  No excuses during the year that I didn't do my homework because I didn't have a calculator.  There will be a class set of graphing calculators for use in the classroom as well as scientific calculators.  If a student would like to invest in a graphing calculator, the TI-84 Plus is what we will be using in class.  This would be an investment because they would be able to use this calculator in future math courses as well as on the ACT; however, the purchase is not mandatory for this class.

    Class Supplies -

    pack of pencils

     Advanced Math 1

    binder with loose leaf and dividers (Notes, Homework, DMR)


    At least a scientific calculator is required (TI-30XII) because this is what you will have to use your freshman year in college.  For anything that we may need a graphing calculator for, I have a class set for use.  There will be no excuse of not having your homework because you did not have a calculator.  These go on sale at the end of the summer for around $10 or less.

    Class Supplies - 

    pack of pencils