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COVID-19 Distant Learning Resources

Dear Families,

Thank you for taking the time to seek out on-line learning opportunities. Here you will find the link provided by the school district that gives resources for each grade level and subject area. Additionally, many teachers have taken the time to upload even more specific instructions for many of these resources to help you navigate your child’s on-line learning experience. See their teacher pages or go straight to their Google Classroom pages.

District link:

Important: Please know that all on-line learning is optional. Your child will not be required to submit completed work online or upon returning to school. Any on-line submissions will be optional and will NOT count as a grade. Students are encouraged to participate to the degree in which they are comfortable doing so. All lessons for new content will be re-taught in full once school is back in session.

With that said, Schoeffner staff values your child’s education as a top priority. We know those upcoming weeks are valuable in our students longer educational journey. Given the circumstances we face, we believe it is beneficial for all to provide the young minds of our future with every opportunity available at this time.

Helpful Tips:

-       To access your child’s Google Classroom from home, enter his or her full Google login (including the

-       For access to additional websites used in class, try using his or her Google login.