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How To Talk to Middle School Children About the Coronavirus

Middle School

Children this age will be very aware of what is going on. They have probably seen news coverage and discussed the virus at school or with friends.

  • Talk to your middle school children and answer any questions. This will help you determine how much they know and may help you correct any misinformation they might have.
  • Acknowledge any feelings of anxiety, worry, or panic.
  • Children this age will be more interested in what might happen in the future. Stick to the facts and don’t burden them with your own anxiety about uncertain dystopian scenarios.
  • Some children may act out scary feelings through misbehavior. Others may become more withdrawn. Pay attention to these cues and ask them to tell you about their feelings.
  • Talk to your kids about what they see on TV or read online and help them understand which sources are reliable and which aren’t when it comes to information about the virus.
  • Talk about how events like this can surface harmful stereotypes and discrimination against certain people and populations. In this case, talk about the importance of disrupting anti-Asian sentiment and xenophobia in coverage of and response to the coronavirus.