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School Board Approves 2021 Tax Year Millage Rates

At its meeting on Wednesday, July 14, the St. Charles Parish School Board approved the millage rates for the 2021 tax year. With this action, the school board reduced the school operations and maintenance millage from 42.36 mills to 42.06 mills.

In his presentation to the school board, Chief Financial Officer Ronald White advised that the school system is in a financially stable state and that a reduction in this millage would not significantly impact teaching and learning or school system operations. St. Charles Parish School Board Members

“We are fortunate to be in a situation where we are able to roll back this millage rate due to a healthy and stable budget,” said School Board President Melinda Bernard. “Because this board has been fiscally responsible throughout the years in conjunction with a strong tax base, we are in a position where we can reduce the levied school operations and maintenance millage by three tenths of a mill for the taxpayers of St. Charles Parish.”

In total, the school board levies four millage rates; the three other millage rates remain the same for the 2021 tax year.

Louisiana Revised Statute 47:1705(A) requires an agency with taxing authority to furnish the assessor and legislative auditor with the tax rate to be applied to assessed property values each year. The St. Charles Parish School Board, as a taxing body, takes official action each year to approve the levy of property tax rates.