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Tentative Reopening Timelines Released

As previously mentioned, we have been working to establish tentative reopening timelines. We will reopen schools in a phased approach following Hurricane Ida due to varying damage and site-specific recovery efforts. Timelines are tentative as we await the release of buildings and clearance from a number of contractors conducting work in our buildings. Please know we are committed to a safe and healthy environment for students and employees. Once it has been determined buildings meet safety, environmental, and operational standards, we will be able to provide more definitive dates for reopening of schools. These timelines are being shared for general planning purposes. Please note these dates are subject to change and may be adjusted to reflect a sooner or later return date.

As a reminder, there are a number of tasks/items that must be completed prior to reopening schools for in-person learning:

  • Construction repairs must be completed at some sites
  • Buildings must pass environmental testing
  • Electrical, phone, technology, and safety systems must be tested and repaired
  • Adequate staffing must be available
  • Food supplies and items must be available for school meals

Reopening Timelines

Students previously registered in the school system's eLearning Program will resume learning on the same date as the student's home-based school.

You will notice that Destrehan High School and Hahnville High School will have to platoon at Hahnville High School for a temporary period of time until repairs are complete at Destrehan High School. The high school platooning schedule and logistics are still being developed. This schedule will include necessary adjustments and supports to allow students to earn Carnegie credits for the classes they are currently enrolled in. More information will be shared once it is finalized. In addition, all other schools are developing school schedules and logistics which will also be shared once finalized. If additional platooning is needed at other school sites, we will share that information with you once determined.

The school system will work with families as needed regarding any concerns in meeting the dress code policy

Please note all school phones are not operational at this time. More detailed information will be released accordingly as plans are finalized. As you can imagine, this is a fluid situation and plans may change. Your flexibility, adaptability, and understanding is most appreciated as we work diligently to reopen schools in an operationally safe and efficient way. 

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Download Tentative School Reopening Chart Document

Descargad el cronogramas tentativos de reapertura del huracán Ida