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OPPORTUNITIES FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Destrehan High School and Hahnville High School, in collaboration with the Satellite Center, provide a diverse range of academic, artistic, athletic, and extracurricular opportunities for students. One such opportunity is dual enrollment, where students can earn both high school and college credit for the same course through partnerships with regional colleges and universities such as Southeastern, Delgado, the University of New Orleans, and River Parishes Community College. The tuition associated with this college credit is paid for by St. Charles Parish Public Schools. These courses, along with Advanced Placement classes and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests, offer students the ability to save money and get an early start to their college career.

High school students can further save money on future job training through industry-based credentials and a nursing pre-apprenticeship program with Ochsner that provides the student with employment upon completion. Additionally, the school system covers the cost of initial CLEP, Pre-ACT, and ACT testing.

In addition to the academic offerings mentioned above, artistic and athletic opportunities abound for the students of St. Charles Parish Public Schools. Students are offered more than 50 clubs and organizations in addition to 17 sports teams. With opportunities available for a wide variety of interests, St. Charles Parish Public Schools seeks to develop the whole child.



SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS BEING ACCEPTED: College students who have graduated from either Destrehan or Hahnville High School may be eligible to apply for the Ethel Schoeffner Scholarship. Applicants must be currently enrolled as a full-time student in a four-year education or nursing curriculum at an accredited state college or university, have reached at least the second semester of their sophomore year, and are in good standing as certified by a letter from the College of Education or Nursing. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2024 fall semester until June 1, 2024, and are available on the district’s website and the St. Charles Parish School Board Office.

Miss Ethel Schoeffner served the St. Charles Parish Public School System for 48 years, from 1917-1965, as an elementary school teacher for the major part of that time and as an elementary school principal for the latter part of her tenure at the old Norco Elementary School. Her Last Will and Testament provided for the establishment of a scholarship trust fund for students graduating from either Destrehan or Hahnville High School meeting the above criteria. The scholarship awards $500 per semester up to a maximum of $2,500.

ORGANIZATIONAL REVIEW RECOMMENDATIONS: In October of 2023, the St. Charles Parish School Board contracted LEAN Frog Consulting Services to conduct an organizational review. Since then, LEAN Frog has assessed the school district’s organizational structure, staffing levels, and processes for departments and key functional areas. The results of their review provided insights and recommendations to reduce inefficiencies, better align staff to processes, and optimize resources to increase support for schools, students, and staff. Based upon the review’s findings, the Board approved a reorganization plan to be implemented through three phases. Phases I and II will be implemented beginning July 1 and address Human Resources; Physical Plant Services; Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment; and Equity and Student Support. Phase III changes will take place during the next two to three years through the natural attrition of personnel in specific departments.



We are excited about the progress made this past school year and look forward to continued success with your support. First, I’d like to congratulate all of our students, teachers, and staff members for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. We have seen tremendous achievements across the district in academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. Our end-of-year celebrations - from graduations to award ceremonies - are a testament to the vibrant and thriving community we’ve built together.

EDUCATOR JOB FAIR AND RECRUITMENT SUCCESS: The recent Educator Job Fair was a tremendous success with 125 attendees eager to join our team. This high interest is a testament to the district’s reputation of excellence and commitment to creating a positive and inclusive work environment for educators. Thanks to ongoing recruitment efforts, the school system continues to attract highly effective educators while other systems throughout the state and country struggle to find the same. Retaining an exceptional workforce allows the school system to maintain the quality of education students deserve and ensures a smooth transition into the next school year.

PREPARING FOR NEXT SCHOOL YEAR: The school system will continue to focus on our mission of developing empathetic, involved, productive, and responsible citizens by providing every student with high-quality educational opportunities that empower each to become enthusiastic life-long learners.

During the next few months, we will focus on continuous improvement through:

  • Curriculum and Assessment Enhancements: Teams are refining curriculum and assessments to ensure they meet the needs of all learners with data driving teacher effectiveness.

  • Professional Development: The school system offers robust professional development opportunities throughout the summer, ensuring teachers and staff members are equipped with the latest methods and strategies to positively impact student growth and support.

  • Facility Improvements: Aimed at maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all, we continue to upgrade schools, classrooms, labs, and outdoor spaces through previously passed Bond Issue projects and identified facility improvement projects.

I want to thank you, the citizens and community members of St. Charles Parish, for your unwavering support and commitment to our public school system. We could not achieve our goals without you. Together, we are creating an environment where every student can thrive and every educator is valued.



NES Students Participate in Trash Bash

BENEFICIAL ENVIRONMENT PROJECT AT NORCO: St. Charles Parish Public Schools is partnering with Shell Norco to create an interactive, renewable energy learning lab at Norco Elementary School. This initiative involves the installation of an onsite solar grid in addition to a cutting-edge solar lab with learning dashboards linked to the solar panels. The lab will also include various equipment and tools tied to renewable energy (for example, bikes that generate battery power) and written and digital media related to renewable energy resources.

The solar panels will be used in part to supply power to Norco Elementary School with unused generated power fed back to Entergy, potentially yielding financial benefits. Any initial cost associated with the project is expected to be offset by governmental incentives/rebates and future energy savings. Scheduled for installation during the summer break, this project offers not only environmental benefits but also long-term financial gains.



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