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LEAP 2025 Assessments from April 27 through May 7

All students (including eLearning students) currently enrolled in grades 6, 7, and 8 will be taking the required LEAP 2025 assessments from April 27 through May 7, 2021.  Students must report to campus on these days to complete the assessments according to the school-provided schedule with their Chromebooks fully charged and updated.  Students who report for testing will remain on campus for a full day.  If you need clarification, please contact ACM.  Students will be required to wear a school uniform and mask and adhere to all COVID 19 mitigation efforts. 


Transportation will be provided as regularly scheduled on this day for on-campus students AND eLearning students taking LEAP 2025 assessments.


eLearning families should submit a transportation survey indicating their mode of transportation for LEAP 2025 via the Google Form found at by March 24, 2021.  Transportation will be provided for those who indicate that they need bus service.

Please see the schedule below:



Monday, April 26

No testing /first day of window

Tuesday, April 27


Wednesday, April 28

ELA 2/3

Thursday, April 29

Science 1/2

Friday, April 30

Science 3

Monday, May 3

Makeup Day

Tuesday, May 4

Math 1/2

Wednesday, May 5

Math 3

Thursday, May 6

Social Studies 1/2

Friday, May 7

Social Studies 3

Monday, May 10

Algebra I (1/2)

Tuesday, May 11

Algebra I (3

Wednesday, May 12

Makeup Day

Thursday, May 13

Makeup Day

Friday, May 14

Makeup Day