Math Home Learning



Hello!!!  I hope you had a restful spring break and that you are all ready to dive into learning tomorrow!  This week, both Math and Algebra will be having virtual class on Monday (Math at 1:00 and Algebra at 2:00) to go over Phase III expectations and sort of a road map of what to expect as we progress in that type of distance learning.  I will also answer questions during this time.  This is new and uncharted territory to us, but thankfully, our district has provided us with some amazing resources and ideas to help your students progress in learning the required content for 8th grade.  Yes, we will be beginning to learn new concepts, but don't worry!  I am here to support you along the way.  I will also be adding "Office Hours" on Friday in addition to the virtual learning sessions I hold on monday and the videos I will make and post throughout the week as we enter Phase III.  Office hours will be Friday at 9:00 am for Algebra and Friday at 10:00 am for Math.  I have posted this week's outline and requirements on Google Classroom and once again made you a pacing guide so you know what you should learn for each day.  This is the last week before Phase III, so things will change a little after that, but in the best and most exciting way possible!  Don't forget to watch the video I posted of Kid President.  I hope you are all doing well and can't wait to "see" you this week!  Happy Sunday!



Hi!  I hope you are all safe and healthy at home, and making the best of these uncertain times.  This week, I will hold virtual class (Math at 1:00 and Algebra at 2:00) on Monday and we will play a game and discuss our plans for the week.  Math classes will begin reviewing solving linear equations and the equation of a line, while Algebra will get a review on 8th grade geometry concepts as a prerequisite for next year.  I have seen several students logging into Google Classroom and filling out the attendance document, letting me know what they have been working on, but we are still missing several students' participation.  Remember, even though we are not physically in the classroom, we still need to use self-motivation to keep our skills sharp!  I am here with you every step of the way!  I hope to see you tomorrow!



I just wanted to update you on what is being offered for online learning opportunities.  I held my very first vitural learning sessions today and had an opportunity to see some sweet faces and talk to my students about math, questions and concerns, and what they are up to with social distancing.  I told them that my tentative plan is to hold these sessions every Monday (Math at 1:00 and Algebra at 2:00), post lessons for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (videos and accompanying practice), and give some sort of assessment (not graded) for students to complete on Fridays over concepts taught over the week.  They will fill out a form with strengths, weaknesses, and any questions they have for me over that week's learning.  I will be posting useful resources if needed as well.  While not mandatory, it is highly recommended that your child makes an attempt to attend the weekly online learning sessions being offered.  These times can be found below.  I am super excited to see my students again (even if it is just online), and will help them however I can during these uncertain times.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

Team 5 Virtual Sessions




I just wanted to update you on some things I have posted on Google Classroom. 

For math, I posted a week worth of videos reviewing lessons and skills along with practice pages in addition to what we did in class.  I also posted a fun dice game with Pythagorean Theorem for parents to challenge their students, reviewing those skills. 

For Algebra, I made a Distance Learning website with videos reviewing the most important things we learned in the last module with practice pages, and a couple of challenging practice pages to extend those skills and apply them to other concepts we did earlier.  I believe the answer keys are all attached, and if not, I will be glad to send them to you so you can check your work.  I also found some VERY COOL news articles showing how Exponential Growth is used in the real world, specifically in forecasting the Coronavirus, because I am asked daily, "Mrs. Houston WHEN ARE WE EVER GOING TO USE THIS?!?!?!??!!!!"  There is also an assignment for students to complete after reviewing the articles and watching the video.  Finally for Algebra, I posted a maze activity with the Quadratic Formula and a fun dominoes game using the Quadratic Formula to practice your skills. 

I have had a few students reach out to me with questions, so that is very exciting!  It keeps me hopeful during this super uncertain time.  Remember, I am here for you and your student, so please don't hesitate to contact me.  


Mrs. Houston


Hi guys! 

I am busy working at home to develop some things for you to keep your brains sharp and your math skills hot!  I am creating some videos (DEFINITELY using the "mistakes are opportunities for learning" mantra here...), looking at making a webpage for math and algebra, and trying to find you some beneficial resources to work on and look at while you are at home.  This is definitely a time where we have two choices to make- we can sit around and do what is "fun," or we can use our Hurst Core Value of SELF-MOTIVATION to take initiative to continue the hard work we started in the midst of this very unpredictable time.  There are a lot of quesitons we have that remain unanswered, but know that I am working hard for you and will do anything I can from my social distance home to help.  I pray you guys are all healthy and safe and I hope to see you after spring break.  


Mrs. Houston